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Fashion in Vic Falls


Victoria Falls is a town in Zimbabwe that shares one of the Seven Wonders of the World with its neighboring country Zambia. I could go on and on about the natural beauty of the falls but on my last visit to the falls I took it upon myself to observe the fashion trends in the town.

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I realized that the way people dressed there is totally different from the rest of Zimbabwe. First of all the dress code is affected by the high temperatures. People there wear a lot of shorts, miniskirts, kaftans dresses from light cotton fabrics, vests, and sandals.
Secondly the dress code is also affected by the fusion of culture in the town. Besides sharing border posts with both Zambia and Botswana we get a lot of tourists from all over the world.


This automatically merges the dress culture as a lot of people wear Chitenge aka African prints or are just fascinated by it; they also wear a lot of cargo pants that are inspired by safari wear. What really sets the people of Victoria Falls apart from the rest of the country is the fact that women can walk around in very short outfits and they won’t get taunted for it.
Last but not least the jewelry worn and sold by the locals is nothing short of amazing. A lot of the jewelry is African inspired. The jewelry has a lot of beads and stones. Some of the pieces are made from pure leather and crocodile skin.




There was one wrist band which seems to have taken the city by storm. It’s a leather plaited piece that has small glass beads sewn onto it, and it comes in a variety of colors. They can be found on sale at the Victoria Falls Car Park as well as most of the boutiques at the Landela Complex.

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