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Ladies and Gentleman lets go shopping

cocktail dress: www.ii-v.com
cocktail dress: www.ii-v.com

With The January disease gone, it’s that glorious moment when we can go shopping again .But this year our shopping will be a lot different as we will buy items that we need than we want, because we cannot afford to overspend. This year is a year of not taking shopping as a hobby, though I have to admit shopping is addictive and hard to resist. Here are a few shopping pointers for 2015.

1. Shop alone, only your opinion counts.
2. Do not buy an item that screams fashion, you would rather go for a timeless piece.
That is, opt for white, black or blue jeans than the bright coloured jeans.
3. Try different items with the right shoes. Do not go gym clothes shopping in heels.
4. If you have one at home, you do not need another one. If you have a tank top in that colours, you would rather buy something else
5. Will it go with the rest of your wardrobe? Do not buy a fashion item that will require you to have to spend more money to match that item
6. Does it need to be altered, if yes, then it is not a good buy, as it will require you to fork out more money to get it altered.
7. Is it value for your money, if a stiletto is say $20 but has a shaky heel, you might need to take it to a cobbler and it will cost you more money.


cocktail dress: www.ii-v.com
cocktail dress: www.ii-v.com

8. When will you wear it? I have to admit, cocktail dresses and evening gowns are gorgeous to look at but ask yourself how many times you will wear it and whether it suits your lifestyle
9. Are you comfortable in it? Comfort is key in fashion as it will make you to have tonnes of confidence
10. Did you buy it on sale? Most women tend to fall victim of the big red signs. If you had not budgeted for a trench coat ,then do not buy it.



trech coat (pic: www.pinrest.com)
trech coat (pic: www.pinrest.com)




a.When shopping ,buy the item that catches your eye

b.Never reach the limit of your credit card otherwise you will be broke for the rest of the month

c. When shopping, use cash, that way you will see how much you would have spent

d.Keep all you receipts so that you know where to cut back when there is need to do so

e.Make sure you spoil yourself after the shopping trip…

Happy shopping
xoxo the fashionista

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