My Point Exactly by Kadder
My Point Exactly by Kadder

I love my dear industy so much that iam almost lost thinking of a solution,especially to our woes as Bulawayo Musicians or Matebeleland Artistes. As the radical person that I’am  or best put “the alien”(because  people say I’am from my own planet with my own thoughts) my mind  tends to strech as bit far.This time it took an interesting turn.

My Point Exactly by Kadder
My Point Exactly by Kadder

After coming to the realisation that when the industry gets too taugh for my fellow artistes, they face South in Search of greener pastures. They all end up doing manual jobs just to make ends meet. My question has always been WHY? and the most relevant answer has always been most of them do not have enough qualifications to acquire basic jobs in Zimbabwe or just because our industries are dead,and they are no jobs.

Most of the artistes after having developed the passion to pursue arts at school tend to take school less seriously with the hope of making quick bucks in the entertainment industry only to be hit by the ice cold reality that this industry is drier than the savanna lands. But then again, are they too blind to see that most of our elderts are struggling to make names for themselves at least?

Then comes the severe hand out syndrome. Crying about lack of funds and sponsorship,crying that the gorvenment and the people do not support us. For how long shall we echo the same song and yet continue to hit the rocks? Are we Moses who hit the rock and water came out? Lest we forget,it was not his doing but a miracle from the most high.Our miracle does not lie in hitting the rock(applying the same method over and over and hoping for different results).

How about working for our own money instead of always applying for funds and sponsorship. What if we took advantage of opportunities that lie at our disposal. For sure,how about taking advantage of basic jobs? Is it all because we do not have Maths? Lets be factual,the years most of us have spent toiling in this industry are more than the years our age mates have been taken into institutions and got qualifications that have enabled them to live cushioned lives.

If younger artistes would pass through training to acquire these basic jobs,be employed and then invest both capital and talent in the industry and if those already in the industry would spare a few months and work on paying investments or education have required qualifications and then get employed in some sectors and use that money to invest on their art. When we are employed we can have capital  to invest in our ailing industry. When we have our own money, we will carry out our plans effectively when we want to and worry less about hand outs and funds.

Lets work for our own money.It only takes 5’O’ Levels incluiding Maths and English for one to be a teacher and it only 3years of which one spends only 9months in class and the rest on the field getting paid. It only takes 6months training for one to be in the army or a police man/woman. Why not give it a try and see how it shapes our industry ? After all we are the shapers of our own destinies.

So goes the musings of a kwaito star…I dream therefore i become…

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