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The Role of a Music Producer


In our last two articles we took time to explore on how to manage your talent and the significance of music. The responses we have had are so encouraging and i will take this opportunity to thank you all for following this column. God bless you.

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five star general
Five star General

In this week’s article I’m going to take a slight turn and focus on the topic ‘The Role Of A Music Producer’. The questions that come to one’s mind would be:
1. Who is a producer? In other words what are the credentials of a producer, or what defines a music producer.
2. What is the significance of a producer in the music industry?
3. At what point is the producer needed?

Who is a producer?
Its so interesting how a lot of people claim to be producers and with very little knowledge of who a producer is. We will explore on that area and discover the definition of a producer.

To break it down to its essence, the key role of a producer is to provide the integrity of the project. By integrity several things come into consideration: producers are responsible for focusing the creative vision of the project, for acting as an intermediary between the artistic and technical worlds, and for overseeing the logistics of the project.

Russo talented producer
Russo talented producer

Producers do a lot of different things and not all producers do the same things. Producers could be defined as the people who make decisions on how best to artistically and creatively represent the artist in a release. Producers can be singer song-writers, multi instrumentalists, and or lyricist. Some producers are song writers and in these cases often the producer will select songs either from their own repertoire or if necessary from the repertoire of other writers. The sing song-writer kind of artists generally will provide the producer with just and idea of the song and its soul around which the producers will craft a new and complete arrangement.

Producers also scout for hidden talent or artists who have potential with an intention of developing that talent. They also need to be knowledgeable about the technical aspects of capturing and generating the recordings that represent the song. Sometimes producers are also engineers.

The producer is also responsible for understanding the creative needs of the artist and the song (e.g are the vocals going to be wet, with reverb or dry.) And how to technically archive the desired results.

Its so amazing to discover that the producer is literally the main guy in discovering, producing and releasing an artist. In other words we could say the producer is the Captain of the Ship, either he will make the ship crush or arrive safely. The producer is responsible for the success of the artist or the downfall of the artist. For aspiring artists get a very good producer, don’t settle for less!

In our next article we will explore more on the pesonnel in the music industry.