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The Role of a Music Promoter

five star general
five star general

In my own opinion i think in the music industry the most intresting and
enjoyable job is being a promoter. Though it involves a lot of work i find
it very interesting.


In this week’s article we will take a look at the responsibilities, duties
of a music promoter. We will also take a look at their significance in the
music industry.

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five star general
five star general

The Five Star General

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Here are a few basic duties of a promoter:

*.Liase with bands and agentsto agree on a date for a performance


*.Negotiate a deal with the band/agent for the show – what fee will be
paid? Will the promoter provide accommodation?

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chipaz promotions one of Zimbabwe’s leading promotions company

*.Book a venue for that agreed upon date


*.Promote the upcoming gig to the local press and radio, put up posters and
email their mailing list


*.Make sure everything the band needs is in place – backline,
accommodation, rider, etc.


*.Set up soundcheck timesand the running order of the show


*.Arrange for a support band


Just looking at those duties one would think its a very simple job but its
a whole lot of work. I’m a promoter myself and putting up a tight show is a
lot of work. Sometimes you plan for a show and because of one
miscalculation the whole plan comes crushing down on you.


A question that one would ask himself is how do promoters make their
money?  Promoters make their money  of the proceeds generated by a show.


Promoters can either have two kind of deals with bands:

*.Pay the band a set fee, no matter how many people buy tickets
*.A door split deal With both deals, a promoter can easily lose money on a

“Making money as a promoter requires careful planning.”


Promoters go through a lot of expenses for them to put together a
successful gigs. They have to pay the artist, pay the supporting bands, pay
for accomodation, transportation (i.e flights if the artist is from outside
that location), pay for the venue, pay for publicity (i.e printing posters
and flyers, radio and tv adverts and other promotional materials). This
requires a lot of planning and courage.



Thats it for this week folks, more to come! Keep following our column ‘Lets
Talk Music With The FivestarGeneral’



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