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What to get her for Valentines…


Yeah it’s February and all the boyfriends and husbands out there are probably cracking their heads because THE woman expects a present from you. She probably wasn’t over the moon last year because you got her chocolates, roses and a teddy bear, which is what you have been buying every Valentine’s for the past few years and the only difference being the brand of chocolates, right? This year why not try something different.

Chocolates and roses works for some women out there but as you know not everyone has the same taste and if your girl is spontaneous and loves fashion like me you could buy her a pair of stilettos.

red stilletos
red stilletos

We women never get enough of shoes even if there is a 100 pairs already in the closet that we don’t wear. It might just become my favorite pair of heels that I wear every time we go out on a date to show you how special you are.

You could also buy her a designer bag. You can find big brands like Prada and Michael Kors in most every local boutique some look almost as real as the originals. If she isn’t particular about brands pick out a nice looking handbag from the local flee market. Or better yet buy a hand bag from the local designers like Snini’ Collection (whatsapp +263 772 749 441), Litso (whatsapp +263 772 860 966) or Nicky J bags.

bag red

If she isn’t a fan of bags or shoes why not try some jewelry I mean diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There is so much variety that can be found all over from rhinestone pieces to hand crafted pieces by local artists.

Then for those that love adventure and wildlife you could take her on holiday to one of the tourist destinations in the country. Sometimes we would rather have that bottle of wine away from the crowds of night clubs and bars like some men seem to think we all enjoy.


Some women just love to cook especially the mature women with grandchildren. I suggest you buy such a woman a new set of cookery or a set of cook books. Or if she is a bookworm add to her library by buying that new book she has been eyeing.

Whatever your wife or girlfriend’s character is. 2015 should be the year that you add sentimental value to your relationship by spending on something that she will remember in years to come. Have a fashion filled week lovely’s.

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