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International womens Day Message: Editorial


As the dust settles, as the morning sun flicker in the horizon,one thing continue to make our lives easy and inspiring.It all starts from day one of our lives through childhood and through adulthood.


They have been with us in dark days and in all the good days. Our mothers,Aunties,Grandmothers,girlfriends and wives they  have not only gave us hope  have inspired us to become who we are today.

On Umbiko as Zinkabi
Bathabile Dlamini talented young lady who is making waves in a male dominated indusrty.

As we celebrate Women today we at Urban culxure would like to give you three of Zimbabwe’s amazing women who have changed how some professions who were previously man dominated be like today. Celebrate the economic, political & social achievements of women past, present and future. Women it’s your day.

air zim

Captain Emilia Njovana

Captain Emilia Njovana she was the first female and black commercial pilot in Zimbabwe. Educated at Monte Cassino Girls High, a Catholic Mission school in Macheke, in the Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe she is living proof that when individuals and institutions invest their confidence in women, women can make it to the top.Today she trains other women AND MEN how to fly aeroplanes,


She believed she could do it, she worked hard at it and indeed she did it. She set the first foot forward in making strides into previously male-dominated spheres and has done exceptionally well, maybe even better than the men she found there. So yes a vision coupled with determination are the two ingredients to success and Emily Njovana is living proof of that. Indeed Emilia is one of the women who have made it possible for women to be seen in their own eyes and in men’s eyes as individuals capable of achieving a lot.



Dr Madeline Nyamwanza-Makonese.

One woman pioneered this route. She became the first female African medical doctor to qualify from the then University of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, now the University of Zimbabwe. He name is Dr Madeline Nyamwanza-Makonese. The announcement in the Afro-American Washington Paper back then in 1971 was very brief and clear;

“Salisbury, Rhodesia –Dr Madeline Nyamwanza has become the first black woman graduate of the University of Rhodesia medical school.” 


Mavis Moyo

mavis moyo

For many years, Moyo was one of very few women broadcasters, black or white, in colonial Zimbabwe. In 1968 she was the first woman to read the news on the Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation (RBC) African Service. On 4 October 1982, Moyo was appointed to spearhead the establishment of ZBC’s Radio 4 dedicated to education and rural development. In over 50 years in radio, she is credited with pioneering participatory techniques of broadcasting and development through women’s programs like RHC. In the late 1980s, Moyo’s radio drama Changes came third in a competition organized by the Union of Radio and Television Organizations in Africa (URTNA).

Bridget Gavanga power fm
Bridget Gavanga power fm

As a broadcaster and an African woman from rural Matabeleland herself,she quickly recognized the power of radio as a means of communication and imparting knowledge among rural communities in Africa and especially for the women who are often the once running the farms and working in the rural area when men migrate to cities to find paid jobs “I realized that [radio] was a powerful tool of communication. As a teacher, I was imparting knowledge to about forty to four hundred people in the class but with radio I could teach the whole country.”

Power fm Female Radio Dj's
Power fm Female Radio Dj’s

Moyo, born Mavis Zulu on 17 July 1929,lives in Harare and is the mother of seven children, six sons and a daughter. She is still involved in consultancy work and sits on several Media boards.

Ruvheneko Zifm
Ruvheneko Zifm


To our Mothers and Grandmothers, to our Sisters and Wives, to our Aunties and Girlfriends we would like to celebrate you. For the coming weeks at Urban Culxure we will give you interviews we have had with powerful women in our society. HAPPY WOMENS DAY LADIES…

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