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Know Your Creative Source

Inspiring Rhymes With Mr.Millionz
Inspiring Rhymes With Mr.Millionz

As part of our journey in the pursuit of greatness; as creative artistes, it is of paramount importance to know and to stay connected to one’s source of strength and inspiration.

Inspiring Rhymes With Mr.Millionz
Inspiring Rhymes With Mr.Millionz

It is not rocket science that we all have something or someone we turn to when the energy levels go down, hence the definition of source.

Being a creative is very demanding, it requires a lot of thought and energy, more so the aftermath of every performance or process drains and sucks the life in you because you would have given it your all.


Question: How do you rejuvenate?
This is a very critical question which requires serious attention.
Some choose to indulge in expensive habits while some simple turn to God in prayer.

Not only have we lost many potential artistes to drugs and carelessness, some have departed to the afterlife in a split second amid their infant stages of their musical journey.

Though saddening, it is a reality, most artistes, actors etc. are delusional into believing that consuming intoxicating substance such as alcohol and getting high on Mary Jane (Marijuana) and sexual indulgence gives them the boost and kick that will take them to the next level.

What one fails to understand is that he or she is slowly getting caught in a web of very bad and dangerous behaviour that might permanently cripple their sanity and inner being.

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I know some might object to what I am saying however I was not born to appease and uphold self-degradation through mindless behaviour and unscrupulous antics: DEAL WITH IT.

Peer pressure is one of the root causes of confusion amongst the so called elite, the need to fit in and keeping up appearances.

Those who know who they are don’t give a jiffy of being tagged social misfits as long as they stay true to themselves and fulfil their purpose in life.


Having observed and making comparison between some of the respected legends in music today and the early departed; this is the conclusion of the matter: they who choose to connect with God in prayer have durability in the business than their counterparts.