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One on One with DR. Tawanda


This week’s article i’m humbled and honored to bring to you an exclusive interview of one of the successful artists and producer in Southern Africa. A man who has seen it all, perfomed for large crowds and produced some awesome tracks Ladies and gentlemen lets take a tour of the life of one of the finest artists from Zimbabwe Dr. Tawanda.

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five star general
five star general
The Five Star General
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(5star) Who is Dr Tawanda?

(Dr T) Dr Tawanda is a multi talented music producer and artist born in Zimbabwe some years back hahahahaha

(5star) Hahahaha Dr thats a nice one, some years back could mean you where born in 2009 hahaha.

dr t

Dr when and how did you music career start?


(Dr T) Well  my career started as a gospel artist in 2003 when I released my first powerful album entitled Tevera Jesu. Then another blessed career as a music producer started in 2005 working at Artisan studios and Grama Records in Zimbabwe



(5star)  Dr you have worked with Grama Records before? When i was growing up Grama Records was the sole reputable label. How was it like working for Grama?

dr 2

(Dr T) It was so challenging and tell you what i had an opportunity to meet and mingle with big legends like Tongai Moyo, Alick Macheso etc


(5star) Wow! It really takes a lot of courage to work in such a challenging environment. So in you time at Grama Records we can say you had some contributions to Macheso and Dhewa’s music?



(Dr T) Mmmm not really you know because I was still a small boy i had a chance to be with them when they were recording and maybe pressing one it two buttons but I had my own artists I would record hey so that was my experience

dr 3

(5star) I mean even pressing a button for them was heavenly. Who are the artists that you have recorded from the time you started production in 2005 till now?



(Dr T) Are you ready for a book hahahahaha OK OK

dr 5

(5star) Hahhahaha, bring it on Dr.

(Dr T) Vee, Slizer, Rumbi Z, Makau, Buhle(SA), Sechaba, Banjo M, Malombo M, Joel Ntsoro, Peter Moto, Suluman C, Wizards, Gong Master, Maghebula, Ditiro, MmaAusi(SA), Dan Ntshanda, Bujo Mujo, Casper Nyovest, Solly Mohlangu, Bev, Zoey, Shiga Shiga, Divine Orchestra choir, Zambuko choir, Chomza(SA) then list is so very endless like i told u kkkkk

dr 4

(5star) Dr thats a serious list of artist you have produced for. Vee, Solly Mahlangu, Dan Ntshanda, Suluman, Buju Mojo. Ahhhh my butie you are serious. Ahahaha.


(Dr T) Yes sir, thank you

(5star) Now Dr taking a look at your success in the music industry, what inspires you? What keeps you going on?

dr 4


(Dr T) The love of music, the love to sing and even to perform you know.

dr t

(5star) Thats true Doc, now many would love to know what are you main roles in a project as a producer?

dr 3


(Dr T) I do all stuff hey. Programming, Recording, Mixing & Mastering

dr 7


(5star) Ive had an opportunity to watch you perform live recently at the Charles Charamba show a couple of weeks ago and also had ano opportunity to work with you in the studio over the last couple of days, i must say you are a real character. Besides music how is you social life like?



(Dr T) Tricky

(5star) Hahaha Dr T kaaa! Whats the defination of tricky in this scenario? Hahaha


(Dr T) Blessing Sir


(5star) are you married?


(Dr T) Yes

(5star) Wow! So its true that behind every successful man there is a loving caring and supportive wife.


(Dr T) True

(5star) Dr as we round up our interview what are the challenges you have faced in the industry and how did you overcome them?


(Dr T) Money issues, stress, different and difficult characters. Prayer and focus made me overcome all these


(5star) Prayer and focus! Wow! Dr how do you take care of your voice? How do you prepare for a live perfomance?



(Dr T) My voice is so very natural and smooth always you know. So I don’t use or drink any artificial herbs you know. When it comes to shows i just look at the line up or the venue and it gives me power to harmer on stage and behind all these i ask God for courage



(5star) Woooow! UNCONQUERABLE i mean a serious hit, how did that track come about?



(Dr T) The idea was there before and Dublin made it possible you know and he came up with the idea on the chorus but i did drums and also my vocals on verses and the production at large and i can say it is huge baba (5star)I love that track. Which song did the break for you? That one song you love and gave you the fame



(Dr T) Zorai Butter, Those remixes if you still remember very very well. I forgot I also worked and still working with a very young and gifted dance hall producer not only dance hall but music producer from chitungwiza but currently here in Gabz called Jeez Jena of Jeez Jena productions baba he is so good in sound too



(5 Star) what are your last words to all upcoming and aspiring artists out there?



(Dr T) Music is good only if you do justice to it and please don’t force to be what you are not. And lastly God is faithful


(5 star) Dr T its been a pleasure talking into depth about your music career and im confident you are going far in the industry. Any new production coming?



(Dr T) Yes yes, My new brand 2015 master piece song entitled Mambo to be uttered soon and my DVD is already doing wonders aga its new. Preperations to shoot my new single Mambo now in progress baba (5star) Great stuff Dr, how can you get touch with you on fb and twitter or any other social network?


(Dr T) Facebook: Dr Tawanda Benson, e-mail: btawality@gmail.com


(5star) Dr thank you so much for you preciou time


(Dr T) Welcome sir.

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