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One On One with Enock “Cloud” Gore

Enock Gore
Enock Gore

Greetings beloved, I believe you are triumphing in all you do, its been a great week. In our last week article we had and exclusive interview with Dr. Tawanda and this week we are taking a closer look at the life of another amazing Gospel artist Enock Gore.

Lets Talk Muzik


Kudakwashe "Five star General" Chikwanda
Kudakwashe “Five star General” Chikwanda

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His song Anoshamisa has been doing well on Zimbabwe’s local Charts and this particular track was on position 1 for over 15 weeks and it is still doing well. Ladies and gentlemen lets take a moment with Enock ‘Cloud’ Gore.

Enock Gore Recording
Enock Gore Recording

(Fivestar) Enock Cloud Gore! Who is Enock Cloud Gore?


(Enock) He is a Gospel Genre musician who grew up in the gheto town of Chitungwiza. Born in a family of 3 boys and 3 girls and I’m the fourth born.


(Fivestar) Enock many would love to know when and where did all this start?How did you realise your gift?


(Enock) I remember singing in a percussion band when I was 8 years old.However, when I was doing grade 7 I remember singing a song in my local church.People applauded and were telling me that ouh “you can sing boy”. That is when it all started.

Enock Gore
Enock Gore

(Fivestar) Wooow! That was at an early age. So in actual fact you have been a ‘church boy’ all your life.


(Enock) All my life brother.I grew up in church and im still in there.I am a born again Christian.


(Fivestar) You know there are a lot of gospel artist who are not even born again. Whats your take on that?


(Enock) Ya what I can say is they should be born again and mean what they sing.However, Paul says some preach the gospel out of envy,some out of other motives but what is important is Jesus is preached.

Poster of the recent concert on which he perfomed alongside The Charambas
Poster of the recent concert on which he perfomed alongside The Charambas

(Fivestar) “Some preach the gospel out of envy,some out of other motives but what is important is Jesus is preached.” What a revelation. Anoshamisa, a song that has gone big on Star FM (Zimbabwe) charts, tell us more about that song


(Enock) I thank God for that single.It was a song I sang at a certain church conference and the presence of God came down mightly.And I just thought of going into the studio and record it.The song ministers to many people and myself.It has very simple but powerful message.”God is amazing”He does miracles

Enock Gore
Enock Gore

(Fivestar) How has this song performed on Zimbabwe music charts? 

(Enock) It has done very well.On zimnet radio station it sat on number 1 for more than 15 weeks.It is still on the chart still.On Star fm it is still doing very well.Sitting on number 1 before for several times.

(Fivestar) Wooow! Thats awesome. Which song best describes Enock Gore? The one song that got you the break into the industry.


(Enock) There is a song “Ropa raJesu rinoshamisa”which I did in 2000 when I first recorded an album.It did very well and made people to know me.However “Anoshamisa”is the track when you mention Enock Goreh people talk about it.


(Fivestar) When you go on stage what goes through your mind? How do you prepare for a live perfomance?


(Enock) Whenever I am about to go on stage I surrender everything to God.My mission will be to minister so that God will touch His people when I am ministering.Therefore I prepare much.I like to perfect my performance.I make sure I do rehearsals and pray also in preparation

Enock Gore
Enock Gore

(Fivestar) I know that very well, i’ve had the previledge of rehearsing and playing for you on stage, you are a hands on person. Where do you see Enock Gore in 5 years?


(Enock) I see myself getting huge platfoams globally.Ministering at huge occassions and mostly my music touching lives in the whole world.


(Fivestar) Who is your musical icon? The artist who inspires you.


(Enock) In Zimbabwe I like most of the gospel artists.Internationally my music icon is Malvin Sapp.In South Africa i love Benjamin Dube.


(Fivestar) What challenges have you faced throughout your career and how did you overcome them?


(Enock) Issue of my own personal instruments has been a barrier.Sometimes I do not go around ministering because of lack of PA system.However,there are people who have been helpful to me interms of lending me their instruments.Also the issue of marketing strategies is still a challenge.I also desire to have a permanent music promoter.It is still a challenge to me


(Fivestar) Ya, i really do understand, it has been a challenge to many artists. What is your word of encouragement to upcoming artists?

Enock Gore
Enock Gore

(Enock) I say to those who are just getting in the industry, be patient,keep going even if u face challenges,do not give up.Good things do not come easily.However, at the end we win as long as we do it for His glory not our own,God is faithful.


(Fivestar) So baba gore besides music what else do you do? When you are not doing music or working what do you love doing?


(Enock) When im not at school teaching or doing music,I love spending time with my family and children.Thats my life.


Enock Gore
Enock Gore

(Fivestar) How can your fans get in touch with you baba gore?

(Enock) They can email me directly on [email protected]Im also on Facebook and twitter.


(Fivestar) Baba Gore its been a pleasure getting your precious time to do this exclusive interview. Thank you so very much sir and all the best in your musical journey.


(Enock) Thank you my brother Kuda.God bless

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