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One on One with Zimbabwe’s New Theatre Queen

Bathabile Dlamini
Bathabile Dlamini

After clinching the National Art Merit Award for the Outstanding Theatre actress  .Bathabile Dlamini has elevated to a shinning star who is set for dizzy heights in the Arts sector,with passion and zeal the sky is the limit.

Ordained for greater exploits.

Bathabile Dlamini
Bathabile Dlamini

Bathabile played the role of Zinkabi in the play Umbiko KaMandlenya adapted from Mayford Sibanda’s novel by the same title which made a clean sweep in the theatre awards. Bathabile Dlamini and Memory Kumbota won the Outstanding Actress and Outstanding Actor awards respectively for their roles in the production and the play made it to the Oustanding Theatre play. With all this in her bag surely she will be a force to reckon on.

Bathabile and Memory on Stage: pic source Intwasa arts festival Facebook page
Bathabile and Memory on Stage: pic source Intwasa arts festival Facebook page


Nigel Ndlovu(N.N) recently caught up with Bathabile Dlamini(B.D)  the Theatre queen, who gave a brief about her journey in the arts which started at a Eveline High School in Bulawayo and has led her to stardom.

Bathile on The Lion and the Jewel
Bathile on The Lion and the Jewel PIC BY: Enerst Mackina

N.N: Who is Bathabile Dlamini?

B.D: Bathabile Dlamini is young lady from Bulawayo, passionate about acting and the arts.

N.N: When did you discover you had an acting talent?

B.D: I discovered my talent in 2009 December when my Director T.H Moyo gave me a character to try out. It was just after I had joined the drama club at school, Eveline Girls High School.

N.N:What  form of art were you doing before theatre?

B.D:   I used to dance, and then I auditioned to be in the drama club at school.
N.N: What do you  think of the state of the arts and theatre in Zimbabwe?

B.D: It’s a growing industry despite financial challenges.



Bathabile Dlamini
Bathabile Dlamini

N.N: How does it feel to win a National Art Merit Award?

B.D: It’s encouraging and motivational.



N.N: What are your other passions?

B.D: I have a passion for academic works too.

N.N: What is your most memorable/best role you have ever played on stage?

B.D: It was Zinkabi in umbiko, (Cecil in the importance of being Ernest).



On Umbiko as Zinkabi

N.N: Who are the people supportive when it comes to your art?

B.D: My mother, friends and directors.


N.N: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

B.D: I look forward to establishing a theatre academy and be very vibrant actress in both theatre and film.


N.N: What words of advice do you have for any upcoming artist out there?

B.D: To believe in themselves, as self is the first person to pull you down.

N.N: What’s your motto?

B.D: Ordained for greater exploits.



We at Urban Culxure would like to congratulateThe Directors and Cast of Umbiko KaMadlenya for getting the Awards home can you continue being stars.  We wish you all the best in all your endeavours.

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