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The Fundamentals of Artist Management


During the past week I managed to have conversations with talented Artistes the energetic and hillarious Dr. Tawanda and a talented and power packed gospel artist Enock Cloud Gore whose interview will be available on Urban culxure later in the week. The interviews have taught me something and I would love to share with you.

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Kudakwashe "Five star General" Chikwanda
Kudakwashe “Five star General” Chikwanda

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This week we are looking at THE FUNDAMENTALS OF ARTIST MANAGEMENT. I would like us to share a few fundamental principles of being an effective manager and in this case an effective artist manager. A good manager is persuasive, leaves a strong or favorable impression on people, understands how to reach his or her goals.



Core Values Of Management

In as much as you are managing an individual artist or a band you have to understand that you should treat the artist or band as a PROFIT MAKING ORGANIZATION. You plan everything as if you are planning for a multi-national organization.




Discipline comes in many forms. The first and most important is setting the rules for your artists/band. Inherently artists want to do a good job and clearly stating WHAT you want gives you the best chance of achieving that goal. Clearly stating the end goal gives you the best chance of getting there. In addition, giving the rules of the road makes sure your artists has the best chance of success.

Celine Dion Talented and Disciplined
Celine Dion Talented and Disciplined

For example, if you don’t want them to work overtime to complete a recording or vídeo shoot project, they do and then your project’s budget is blown, it’s not your artists/band’s fault… it’s yours.


Just as important as telling your artist/ band what they should and should not do, is reassuring them that they are in indeed on the right path. People want to hear they are doing a good job and telling them helps ensure they continue to do so. Don’t assume they know… tell them.

Mokoomba Talent,creativity and well travelled Zimbabwean Group
Mokoomba Talent,creativity and well travelled Zimbabwean Group


Give your artist/band the tools they need to do a good job. You can’t expect them to dig a hole if you haven’t given them a proper shovel. For example, as a software engineering firm, it’s important that my employees have up to date computers and software that help them produce quality products fast enough to meet our customers time constraints and budget.




You cant be a manager and your way of doing things does not reflect intergrity. What is integrity? Its the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and the state of being whole and undivided. As a manager be HONEST in all the dealings that involve the artist or band. The moment dishonesty creeps into an organization thats the beginning of their downfall. Responsiveness Be able to identify and assess new situations, risks and opportunities quickly and decisively.Be able to take decisions and actions that are efficient and effective to the growth of the artist or band.

Rickey Charles Goodrich Former Pearl Jam manager  Stole $380,000 from band (Picture: NME NEWS)
Rickey Charles Goodrich Former Pearl Jam manager Stole $380,000 from band (Picture: NME NEWS)


Encourage initiative and new ideas within the artists or band. You can’t keep producing cassettes when their time has passed. Initiate that creativeness within the artist or band to help them keep up with the times and changes in the industry. Do your part and research more.

The ever Creative and Talented all Female Band From Bulawayo Nobuntu
The ever Creative and Commited all Female Band From Bulawayo Nobuntu




Commit to excellence in client service and to collective achievement. Never let your artist or band give audience half cooked perfomance, you will surely lose clientele more quickly that you got them.