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Systems For A Successful Choir Management!

soweto gospel choir
soweto gospel choir

In most of our articles we have covered a lot in depth on production, artist management, how to run a successful band. In this week’s article we are taking a look at systems that helps one to successfully manage a choir.
A choir is a very tricky group of people to manage, this will be a group of people or artists or vocalists who have different personalities and are at different levels of musical knowledge. The big question is how can you successfully run a choir?

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Kudakwashe "Five star General" Chikwanda
Kudakwashe “Five star General” Chikwanda

In this article I will share with you 3 key areas / systems that can be handy for a choir leader. This is more administrative.

Chitungwiza Harmony Singers
Chitungwiza Harmony Singers

You communication is an aspect that need 110% attention. Its so amazing that someone will think they will successfully run a choir without a propercommunication channel, its insane! Now in any organisational structure communication is of paramount importance, YOU JUST CAN’T DO WITHOUT IT.

If you are a choir leader do you have all your member’s contact details? Whether email addresses or cell phone number or postal addresses? You see you have to have their updated contact details. So at any level there has to be communication on when is the next rehearsal or ministration or performance. It has to be crystal clear to every member concerning the programs of the choir. Also in the group there should be a designated communications officer one who is responsible for disseminating information to the group and that would be the person held accountable if information is not passed to every member. In simple terms you cant do much

soweto gospel choir
soweto gospel choir

This is one are a lot of people or groups neglect. You cant have a group of people and claim that there is no data to compile. Just for starters you should have a file for each and every member in your group. In that file you will have information about the person (i.e their date of birth, contact details and so on). So that then requires proper data management. So its important to keep your data on soft copy and hard copy. And its mandatory that all data is confidential, it can only be accessed by authorised personnel.without a proper communication structure.


Whether your choir is run by a committee or a single manager, there’s always lots to do. A well-structured, easy to navigate task manager can help to keep things in order and avoid tasks getting overlooked. You see there is always so much to do and overloading a single person with the responsibility will only make inefficient. Also when a number of people are involved in activities and running of the group it motivates everyone, it makes them feel more part of the ‘family’ and the moment they ‘own’ the responsibility they will put all necessary effort for the advancement of the choir. I always tell people that in anything you do professionalism is important, anything you do with a group of people you have to run it like a multi national organization, have systems and policies to govern the vision.
That way you will have no trouble, you will be “easy on people” but “tough on standards”. Lets share more in our next article, God bless you!


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