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How to prepare for a perfomance


As a performing artiste you should prepare for your stage work. Today we will look at how to prepare for a performance, and we will be concentrating more on THEATRE. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! When you preparing for a performance its important to practice.

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Kudakwashe "Five star General" Chikwanda
Kudakwashe “Five star General” Chikwanda

Go over every aspect of the performance until you are satisfied. To improve your practice, ask directors for pointers; they are there to help you out. While no show is perfect, with persistence, you can create a very satisfying end result.

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REST REST REST! When you are in bed, picture yourself on the stage having a great time. Go through your lines, songs, and dance moves, and picture them going perfectly. Having anxiety about the performance will keep you awake, so the key is to stay relaxed and create a positive image of yourself on the stage.Most importantly you have to get good sleep a few nights before the day.


BE CALM! Don’t be nervous when you are on stage! It will be dark where the audience is seated, and you won’t be able to see their faces. When you aren’t saying lines, take deep breaths. Just make sure the audience can’t tell.

Expression : Sarah Mpofu on stage
Expression : Sarah Mpofu on stage picture source: www.zimtheatreassociation.org

SHOW EXPRESSION! Remember to show expression. Be proud of your performance and display the emotion that your character is feeling.


If you are performing an emotional scene, pull the audience into your tale so that it’s an enjoyable experience. Keep in mind that you’re not only representing who you are as a performer, but also the rest of your cast and crew members and your directors as well!



BE AWARE! Remember what side of the stage to enter and exit from.

Keep a list backstage of the order of scenes, and try to remember the next transitions. You can also make up a funny rhyme to help you remember. Another good idea is to have a friend who can cue you before the next line. It is an easy thing to pull up a great show but it takes a lot of commitment on your part, take time to rehearse and rest.



Keep in mind that the idea is not to go through your scripts or lines but the involvement of you audiences is very necessary. God bless you!

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