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Xmile to Launch Ezase Africa EP Music Compilation


Bulawayo-based singing sensation Xmile will on Saturday the 6th of June 2015 stage a one-of-a-kind launch event for his new EP “Ezase Africa” at the Zimbabwe Academy of Music.

Xmile to Launch Ezase Africa EP Music Compilation
Xmile to Launch Ezase Africa EP Music Compilation

Having recently partnered with multimedia studio and management agency Early Entertainment to organize the show, Xmile has been busy recording 3 brand new music tracks set to redefine his sound and brand. Having finally grown into his true identity as an artiste, Xmile saw it fit to introduce the world to his true self and with the creative minds at Early Entertainment behind him, the launch event is set to inject an explosive new jolt of artistic energy into the music industry, blending elements of musical theatre and film with the soulful sound of his rich, seductive voice and message.



Staged to a stunning theatrical performance chronicling his musical presentation, Xmile is set to evolve onstage and redefine musical performances as a whole. With a carefully selected set-list introducing new tunes such as the captivating EP title trackrica” “Ezase Africa, the new Xmile is set to dive deeper into what it means to be and sound African with his music culminating in a soulful fusion of the contemporary and traditional. It’s not trying to be or sound western nor is it trying to sound traditionally African. Instead it has grown into a brand new sound of its own which embraces all these elements and melds them together into one explosive wall of sound which will leave audiences begging for more.

PROJECT : “Ezase Africa EP Launch”
TAGLINE : Music For The Soul
VENUE : Zimbabwe Academy of Music (Next to Trade Fair)
DATE : Saturday 6 June 2015
TIME : 1700hrs – 1900hrs
MAIN ACT : Xmile
                               : Alaina
FACILITATORS : Early Entertainment

Email : elliemmoyo@gmail.com; mhlenzima@gmail.com
Cell : Elliot – 0777 703 761; Mhle – 0779 311 901

The beauty of Xmile’s music not only lies in his sound, but in the socially conscious messages within, touching on very relatable issues ranging from love, child neglect, unemployment, self-love and acceptance among others. These messages are made even more relevant because they relate to the artist on a personal level as these are issues he has either faced in his journey or witnessed developing around him and through his music, he intends to effect change. More than just a singer, the new Xmile is an artistic phenomenon whose sound is set to resonate in every sphere of society without bounds.

Other new songs in Xmile’s set will include the hauntingly engaging Afro-Soul ballad “Ngizobuya” meaning “I will return”. This beautiful piece explores the fragile nature of a young couple’s love with the introduction of distance into the mix while in search of greener pastures. Also in his new set is the song “Ma Ungela Cala” which ventures into the complex maize of a guilty heart in search of truth or remorse. The 2 hour event will also see Xmile engaging his audience on a personal level as they get to know one another between sessions, adding a whole new dimension to the experience.
Opening for Xmile will be Bulawayo-based singing sensations MJ-Sings and gorgeous songstress Alaina, whose performances are set to complement their fellow artist’s sound and make the show all the more spectacular. Entry to the show will be $5 and $7 for VIP tickets which will also come with a free CD of Xmile’s newly launched music.

Early Entertainment is a Bulawayo-Based multimedia studio and management agency which specializes in film and videography; photography; theatre; poetry; artiste management; graphic design; comic book and graphic novel production among several other artistic elements. It is directed by company founder Elliot Moyo who works in partnership with Mhle Nzima, co-director of Bulawayo-based rEBEL fILM pRODUCTIONS, among other talented individuals in the arts.


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