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Dirty Secrets of the Music Industry Part 2


In our previous article we discussed at length a couple of dirty secrets of the music industry. As promised in the previous article let’s take a look at a couple more dirty secrets of the music industry.

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Kudakwashe "Five star General" Chikwanda@fivestarphd

YouTube views, Facebook “Likes”, and Twitter followers can be bought for a moderate fee. There are now dozens of companies who specialize in increasing numbers.  Some companies use special technology to achieve their goals while others claim to be able to get thousands of “real” followers. 


If that weren’t crazy enough, “positive” YouTube comments supposedly written by real people can also be purchased! This kind of practice is deceptive as hell and makes it difficult for aspiring artists who have to compete against those who have the means to buy such services.


I guess quality doesn’t matter when you can just buy your way to popularity. Once YouTube Views, Facebook “Likes”, and Twitter followers have been bought, it’s time for the label to really go all out and buy thousands of CD’s and downloads to help the artist get to # 1 within the first couple of weeks of release. 

Since sales have been declining due to free and illegal downloads, it’s become more and more challenging for artists to hit the top of the charts. This is why some labels are buying their own products (often with the artist’s money), in hope that achieving # 1 will generate publicity and result in more sales and touring opportunities. 

The question remains, as competitive as this business is, would you use these methods if you had the resources to do so?

The idea is that the average fan is more likely to support an artist who appears to have a large following.  It’s all about image and perception, and for today’s mainstream music fan, this counts more than talent. As well, I know that quite a few artists become successful without using these tactics.  Still, you can bet that the more resources an artist has access to, the greater the chances are that at least one of these methods has been utilized.






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