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Accessories A Must Have…


Accessories are always the icing on the cake of every outfit. They are there to spice up any outfit so that it oozes glamour. Accessories look great if they are worn right. Piling up accessories can make an outfit look too much because with accessories less is more.


When wearing earrings one should bear in mind that if you are wearing chandelier earrings if you have long hair make sure that you tie your hair so that you show off those amazing earrings. However do not make the mistake of wearing a statement necklace, you would rather pair it with a small watch or a fashion statement ring.

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Chandelier earrings look gorgeous at formal events like weddings , they will make every woman turn green with envy. Studs and drop earrings are another option they are not huge but they are super stylish and so on trend.

• The more earrings the better, pair the short hairstyles with long earrings and the short and smaller options with long or medium hairstyles.
• If you are wearing huge earrings, make sure the other accessories are smaller


With necklaces, they are versatile, the ones that are trending now are the statement necklaces, they look gorgeous with vests and dresses .Statement necklaces, just add that extra oomph to any outfit. The longer ones are also a good option. Necklaces can be worn to any occasion.

If you are wearing a chucky necklace make sure that you keep all you accessories smaller. Proportion is key. With rings, they are so many types, but with fashion statement rings, the bigger the better. If they have stones the better as they will bring the bling and glamorous effect along with it.

You can also step out of the house with just the statement ring as you accessory. Wear to your ring when going for a wedding, dinner and drinks with friends With bangles, if they are small, piling them is a great option because the look great if they are in huge numbers. All you have to make sure is that they match and you will be good to go.

Watches are also a timeless accessory, opt for a smaller watch if you are going to wish, but if feel bold, you can opt for the bold watches .They look expensive and they are not only fashionable but they are on trend.

Go forth and accessorise
Xoxo Imelda the fashionista

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