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Explosive Performances at the Women, wine and words 2015


This week happens to be one of the most important week in the calendar of the arts here in Bulawayo because we get to endorse ourselves in a whole week of amazing art with acts that are both local and international during  Intwasa arts Festival KoBulawayo. I have attended a few events so far but the one I was really looking forward to was the Women, wine and words event which is the fusion of great tasting wine and amazing poetry done by women.

One stand Band Pic Annie Maliki
One stand Band Pic Annie Maliki

The first thing that caught my attention was the host Mbo Mahocs who looked stunning .Opening the show was the girl group One Stand Band. They serenaded us with their strong beautiful voices and managed to lure the crowds that were hanging out outside the venue for reasons that only Lord knows and quickly got the show started.

Mbo Mahocs @Intwasa 2014
Mbo Mahocs @Intwasa 2014

Tinashe Tafirenyika was the first poet to slam. Her poetry was mostly about her love for the art and she says the best part of her performance was the response she got from the audience. In one of the pieces she did she spoke about the abnormally high standards of beauty that get a lot of women worked up for nothing. A quote I picked from the poem was ‘We are more than for magazine covers.’

Tinashe Tafirenyika
Tinashe Tafirenyika

Then we had Fungai Mombeshora perform next. She mentioned at the beginning of her piece that people refer to her as the angry poet. Personally I felt like she just has a powerful voice that grabs your attention, maybe people translate that to anger? Her performance was basically about identity and about closure or addressing certain aspects of her life and other people’s lives she said.



She happened to be one of my favorites. Other performances included Moreblessing Size from Harare and also Bulawayo’s own Lady Tshawe. Francesca Beard was the first of the two international acts to perform. In her piece she described her background and emphasized how the U.K today is obsessed with belonging and culture and how this affected her growing up as she is of mixed race.

Lady Tshawe
Lady Tshawe Pic By Enerst Mackina

Then we had Deanne Rodger slam. She says she debated by herself on what she would present, she first thought that she would talk about love but she ended talking about politics and her personal questions she has about why people don’t vote, then she moved into social poetry looking at her society looking at how people try to escape but do not have the means to.


Deanne also told Urban Culxure that some of her pieces were about the losses in her life, one being of someone who passed on prematurely and the other being a father figure in her life. Then she finally connected it to the universe as beauty is in everything and everyone and lift the energy after speaking about something so heavy. I enjoyed listening to the Zimbabwean poets said Deanne

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