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Gifford Scoops Plan High Schools Drama competition


The plan High School drama competition which took place during the Intwasa Festival KoBulawayo. Gifford High School, returned the first prize again. Last year Gifford High, they won the first price. Gifford high defended their championship by highlighting most issues that are affected by disabled people such include sexual abuse, descrimination and how the voice of disabled is not heard.

The plan High School
The plan High School

The story line of the drama was about a young girl, who had excelled in her ordinary level results, however her disability, made her teachers to assume that she wasn’t suitable to be a student in the school. Besides taking the first position, in the Plan High School drama competition, Gifford managed to also take the following awards, Best male comer, Best Actor and also Best director. The second position, was occupied by Churchill High School.

Gifford High School,
Gifford High School :Picture www.zimmail.co.zw

The actors took the attention of the audience by involving music in their drama which was unique.also their presentation was unique compared to other plays. Speaking to Urban Culxure Magazine after winning the award, Churchill boys actor,  Johnta Hayter. Pointed out that since this was their first time, to perform in the finals of plan drama. Their winning is the beginning of their journey. “Winning is the beginning of something great,” said Hayter. he further explained that it took them three weeks to practice the play.

Ronald Sigenca talented Actor Discovered through The Plan High School Drama
Ronald Sigenca talented Actor Discovered through The Plan High School Drama

Last to perform was Msitheli high.their performance stole the attention of audiences.they brought laughter,joy and sorrow such that there was something to learn about. With such creativity It gave them a chance to win the third position.

Some school that won awards are Eveline Girls High, their merits were the Best female comer, King George VI also won two merits which are the Best Actress and the Best Supporting Actor. While Njube High had to walk away with best Supporting Actress. Mr Mehluli Ndlovu, who is the current prosecutor at Tredgold Highcourt in Bulawayo, was the guest of honour. In his speech, he said disabled people can achieve their goals. “Its not true that being disabled can make a person not to achieve their destiny,” he said. 

Ndlovu gave examples of disabled people who have achieved their dreams.that include Honourable Joshua Malinga ( former  Mayorof the Bulawayo), all africa games Zimbabwe ‘s silver medal winner sithole, broadcaster Liberty Luphahla and the late studio 263 actress Hilda Varume ( tamara mbambo). He further spoke against isolation, which is made towards disabled people ” help the person that face the challenge of being disabled and do not shun your friends as they are part of the community, “ he advised.

An encouragement was made by the speaker,to schools to erect facilities which will be suitable to be used by everyone. Festival Director Raisedon Baya thanked Plan International  for working hand in hand with them for five years. He explained the reason, why plan and intwasa have provided such an event which he said “, was to have fun and educate people with issues that affect young people also to help young people to become human rights activist.

The competition which took place in Bulawayo Theater,had twelve schools battle it out. The schools include Njube, Nketa, Churchill, St James, Sidokeni.The theme for this year was disability is not inability

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