It’s a Thursday and I walk from one end of the CBD towards the Bulawayo Art Gallery where I am meeting a friend. Its minutes to sunset and people are leaving from their workstations.


I am too late though. The ACPD ( this is an NGO that publishes social books for children and distributes them at schools) meeting is over and everyone is now on their feet and exchanging handshakes. But luckily am just in time for the food though. So after spotting some familiar faces I slip into the que that has just formed and help myself to some delicious freebies.

Njabulo Moyo The Author.
Njabulo Moyo The Author.

After 2 minutes of making small talk with this young aspiring filmmaker, he disappears after a young lady sends a smile his way. There goes my meal ticket. So to hide the fact that I have just gate-crushed this party and was not invited I must continue to mingle with the invited guests. That’s when I spot him. Njabulo Moyo The Author.

Njabulo Moyo The Author.
Njabulo Moyo The Author.

Perfect, I would approach him for an interview while I enjoy my free meal. I drew a thumbs up towards him. Thank God I did not Photoshop any of my Facebook pictures as he instantly recognized me as one of his Facebook friend. I hesitate approaching him for a second. There is something about him that I have always found intimidating. Something beyond my envy for his successes or finding him as competition in the field of writing. But I end up giving into his charisma.


I asked him for an interview about his newly released motivational book. Which he gladly accepts. Then suddenly all perceptions I had about him suddenly bubble out faster than the coke I was drinking. This is what the young writer had to say about the direction the new offering will give to people.

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Thank you for making time for this interview for UC… I know you are a very busy man. . Congratulations on the new book you have just released. Can you tell us a bit about it. (He pulls out the brown covered book from his backpack and hands it to me)

Njabulo Moyo
Njabulo Moyo

Success Within Reach is a motivational collaboration between 15 African Authors. Its the first motivational book I have been involved in… I am so excited about it…
This is a book I know will inspire the ordinary african to reach his full potential, after all sucess is within reach for each and everyone of us.


Where are the other authors from? Are you the only Zimbabwean involved in it?

No, I am not the only Zimbabwean. There are 5 others. Other authors are Africans based in countries such as Nigeria, the UK and the United States.
Jonas Nyoni is the brain behind the book and he did the coordinating.

How long did it take to complete the project?
From the time Jonas shared his idea to every body, it took about one month for all the authors to send in their chapters for the compilation.

I see in the book that your chapter in the book is titled; ‘Beyond Motivation’. Can you tell us a bit more about your chapter?

Beyond Motivation as the phrase suggests simply explains, and this I learnt from my experience as a motivational speaker, that motivation is more than just standing in front of people and motivating them. It also describes action, community involvement and more.
What other projects are you still working on?

Just working on promoting the book and a possible launch in the city of kings is on the way.


Nigel Ndlovu
Nigel Ndlovu is a Christian, growing media brand from the City of Bulawayo Zimbabwe,a son,brother and uncle.He is a writer,Creative guru Online Journalist/blogger. Indiefilmmaker,filmdirector,photographer,musician/producer,poet,Actor, social entrepreneur,young ambitious media entrepreneur. Simply a mover ,shaker change maker and positive thinker.

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