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One On One With Talented : Teenage “Manero” Hadebe


Today we celebrate the Birthday of Highlanders Player Teenage Manero Hadebe. He plays for Highlanders and has been a crowd favourite so far doing well in the defence position. He resides in Makokoba and he lives to inspire young people out there to make a life out of sports, here, is his profile as we celebrate his day.

Teenage Hadebe with the Worriors
Teenage Hadebe with the Worriors

BOE; ollah, Manero  Tell us about yourself?
Hadebe: ollah yaah gents my name is Teenage Hadebe, lm from Makokoba, l attended my Primary education at Lotshe Primary School, l did my secondary level at Mgandani (Mzilikazi High School). Playing professional soccer has always been my dream.
Boe: So tell us when did you start playing soccer?
Hadebe: l started playing at Lotshe primary school, when l was in grade two.


Teenage Hadebe with the Worriors
Teenage Hadebe with the Worriors

Boe: okay so let’s talk of the junior level that you started in @Highlanders, how was it?
Hadebe: Obviously it was hard; we could not afford to get a pair of shooters …things like that. But that’s what you expect when starting something, it can’t be smooth.


Teenage Hadebe with the Worriors
Teenage Hadebe with the Worriors

Boe: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Hadebe :I’m inspired by other players ….like Sergio Ramos the Spanish centre back…..we play almost the same position (CB) l try to do almost the same like him on the pitch.
Boe: Ok so tell us how your normal day looks like as a player?
Hadebe: In the morning l do sit-ups, go for aerobics and gym then l come back home and eat sadza to get my energy back( laughs), and then later go for practise, that’s my day.


Teenage Hadebe with the Worriors
Teenage Hadebe with the Worriors

Boe: Obviously at Highlanders you have an adviser who tells you what to eat and not what to eat before a game .Can you share with other up and coming players.

Hadebe: yaah we do have an adviser, usually they tell us not to eat Red meat, we eat white meat and we don’t take heavy meals.


Boe: What have you done for the community as a soccer player?
Hadebe: We have done a lot under Grass Roots, we move around schools teaching young footballers what to expect in the game of football and not only that we also teach them on HIV and AIDS.
Boe: Tell us, at which level have you represented the Nation.
Hadebe: l have played in the COSAFA under 20 Tournament which was in Lesotho and currently l play for the under23 squared under the tutelage of former Dynamos coach Calisto Pasuwa.
Boe: ok from your experience so far, what is the difference in playing for the Nation and playing in the Premier league?
Hadebe: let me start with the premier league, there is space to play and it needs confidence there is not much of pressure, its basic football hold and pass .Its much easy because we play with seniors who will be helping you when necessary. Now, in the National team we are young, energetic and competitive.
Boe:I want to know how things look like in the Camp before a game with a team like Dynamos and what message do you get from the coach ,considering that you guys know each other very well ?
Hadebe: yaah, eish bro the morale will be high, of course playing against such a big team is tough because they have a big crowed that is too vocal .The coach tells us –especially us young players- not to panic, to play basic football and that’s exactly what l do.
Boe: let us get close and personal with Hadebe, which team do you support?
Hadebe: obvious kkkkk Highlanders Fc.
Boe: Internationally?
Hadebe: interNationally l am with Argentina, at club level Real Madrid, Man United and in SA Sundown’s FC.



Date of Birth: 17- 09-1995
Place of Birth: Mpilo Central Hosp
Nickname: Maneroo
Position: Centre back and left back
Jersey Number: 17 it’s my birthday jersey l got it when a senior player arrived in the team and took over jersey number 11 which was mine before his arrival. So l was given by the Coach.
Current Club: Highlanders FC
Previous Clubs: Bantu Rovers FC, Highlanders Juniors’
Are you in a relationship? Yaah, (chuckles) l have a girlfriend.
Cell phone makes? I Phone 4S
Team supported growing up: Highlanders FC
Favourite Player locally: Zephaniah Ngodzo
Legend locally: Zephania Ngodzo
Music: Houze and Hip Hop
 Tenaro Hadebe on Face book
Twitter @11tenaro

Hadebe: To all the upcoming players keep on pushing on you will get there it’s not all about money and of course stay away from any other business that will bring your career down….awe

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