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Should Our Entertainers Die Poor?

We often associate the words fame and fortune with celebrities. We are led to believe that when someone hits it big on the silver screen, in music or even in the literary world, they are set for life, but that isn’t always the case.

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Kudakwashe "Five star General" Chikwanda
Kudakwashe “Five star General” Chikwanda
Sometimes, celebrities squander their fortunes and sometimes they don’t even make all that much to begin with. These celebrities sometimes go from being world-class stars to flat broke. For them, their Cinderella story of making at times don’t have a happily ever after end.
We have heard of so many high profile artists and celebrities in Zimbabwe having died poor. So many questions come to mind concerning this issue.When such stories come out in the media are they cooked up or its for real? I mean just to start off do musician celebrities make so much money?
I think sometimes the general public put these people in a standard they actually haven’t reached. Come to think of it, so many celebrities we meet them walking and we board public transport with them. So in reality these musicians and actors in particular are actually famous but poor.
We’ve had big artist in our country that have been reportedly poor at their time of death. In as much as people can say media cooks up stories it always turns out to be true. For the sake of reputation I will not mention names, I remember during the time of the famous Ztv soapie Studio263, I got into a combi together with one of the main actors.
I was shocked because I found it wierd for a celebrity to be in a combi. Another high profile musician was caught up in a heated arguement with a conductor over R1 change. I mean who does that? A celebrity fighting for a R1 coin? In all honest our artists and actors can’t afford the kind of life associated with fame because they don’t get such money.
Most of them are broke with their fame. We have read in the media of these celebrities like Andy Brown, Paul Matavire, Bearter Mangethe, Lenny Gwata, Don Gumbo just to mention a few. We can’t deny the fact that some of them have made quite a substantial fortune but they set the bar too high and fail to keep up with the standard. It could also be the fact that some of these celebrities don’t plan for the future and some of them sink into serious debts.
We’ve heard of international celebrities who squarnder their fortunes in gambling, could this be the fate of our own local celebrities?

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