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Winky D Guts Down Bulawayo @intwasa 2015


The 11th edition of Intwasa Arts Festival Ko Bulawayo was breathtaking and mouth watering. Day 5 was so explosive and was by far the best day of the whole festival so far, and on this one I don’t stand to be corrected because everyone would agree.

winky dee
During the afternoon we enjoyed the soothing jems from Roots who where on stage before the main act Diana Samkange came upstage. Diana was just amazing with her mbira and a 3 piece band. She started off with a Ragga Remix of some popular urbangrooves hits, as if it wasn’t enough she remixed some old skool jems by Thomas ‘Mukanya’ Mapfumo, Cephas Mashakada, Marshal Munhumumwe just to mention a few. She got applause from the crowd and in that crowd was Sebede and Pauline of Mafriq.
The time we so looked foward to finally came down as we witnessed The Battle of the Djs. It was an intresting competition as we witnessed 5 of the 10 Djs get eliminated with the finals scheduled for Day 6 at the Chibuku Stage. GabsFire clad in a white attire belted some amazing reggae tracks.
Just over a half of an hour before midnight .The Ninja President Winky D took over the night.


Winky D Guts Down Bulawayo @intwasa 2015
Winky D Guts Down Bulawayo @intwasa 2015

Winky wearing a Ninja Attaire had the Large City Hall on their feet. Winky D has set the bar so high for any other dancehall artist to perform in the city of kings and queens.
The Ninja President set the house on fire from his very first song to the last track which he unleashed over 2 hours later. With so much energy and flow he performed for over 2 hours non-stop and he still didn’t show any signs of struggling. He gave a performance of a lifetime.
I now believe that Winky is at his own level of artistry, there was a moment during his performance where he stopped when a fight broke out in the crowd and he advocated for peace reminding the crowd that we came to enjoy and not witness fights.


There is so much maturity in him and awesome stage presence and management, ‘Ma Ninja’ he kept shouting and he said at some point there should be unity within ZimDancehall artists.
There are two ZimDancehall artists and these are Winky D The Ninja President and others!

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