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8 things that should be on your prom night checklist

red clutch bag
red clutch bag

Exams are a week away but before the serious stuff begins the school leavers are awarded with a farewell party which is quite a glamorous affair. For most school leavers they have been dreaming about this day since they started high school and in some instances A Level .I know most ladies want to be crowned Miss Prom Queen and some just want to have a good time but look fabulous. Prom night is always a good opportunity to be a princess for one night and have more memories about high school. The 8 things that should be on your checklist are;

1. The dress
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For you to look wow you have to get the best dress. Whether you choose to buy, borrow or design make sure that it fit your body like a glove and you feel comfortable in it. Pick a color that you like and a design that will compliment your body shape.

2. Hair

You have to decide how you will want to style your hair, whether you will plait it, or add hair extensions. Make sure you have budgeted for it. Also set an appointment with the hair dresser or stylist so that you get your hair while you still have time.

3. Make up and nails.

This is also an important aspect of your big night. Get a professional to do your make up .If possible get pictures of how you want to look; you do not want to look like a clown but a queen with flawless make up. With the nails, you have to make sure they stand out, stiletto nails are on trend right now, and you also have the option of naturals, tips and stick ons.

4. Clutch bag

red clutch bag
red clutch bag

The hand’s best friend should be unique, compliment your outfit but stand out so as to make you look wow. If your clutch bag is embellished or studded the better. It’s a glamorous affair after all!!

5. Shoes

Make sure you know which shoes you will wear. If you have not got a pair yet make sure, it is comfortable and it is your taste because you will be wearing it even after the prom night. Sky scrapper heels are sexy and make women turn green with envy but you have to be able to walk in them otherwise if you can’t, it will be a sight for sore eyes. However, kitten heels and wedges are also cute and comfy but stylish.

6. Transport

You will need decide how you will get to the pro. Will you hire a car or your parents will drop you off.

7. Company

You will have to decide whether you will go with a date or you will just go out with your friends as single ladies. Coupled up or single, you will definitely have fun.

8. The tickets.
Hopefully you have bought the tickets or you have the money to buy one soon. You do not want a situation whereby after preparing so much, you find yourself not having the tickets for your prom.

With this checklist you are good to go. Go forth look wow, make memories and enjoy your life in high school before exams begin. However be responsible and do not do anything irresponsible and that you will regret, on Monday you will be going back to school.
Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista

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