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Advantage’s Of Social Media As An Artist


The world has taken giant strides in technology upgrading and creation in the last few decades. We have seen the birth of outstanding inventions, in particular social media platforms, with the most common ones over the last decade being Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, different online entertainment news portals and many more.

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For the independent artists, social media is a vital self-promotional device. Social media for musicians, when utilized rightly, not only will it help increase awareness, but also effectively increase your fan base and help you share your music with listeners all over the world. Many musicians are using these platforms to push ticket sales for shows and album sales.


Social Media Picture Source : www.phdesigned.com
Social Media Picture Source : www.phdesigned.com

These applications have become so handy that you can reachout to millions of people around the world just by a click of a button. Determining a successful tour, concert, festival, album sale, has all arguably come down to just a click of a button. Now you can record a song in Nketa 7 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and have it listened in Houston Texas in USA. How easy marketing has become.

social media Picture : www.blog.interactivebees.com
social media Picture : www.blog.interactivebees.com

We have seen the creation of music sharing platforms like ReverbNation, Hulkshare and a lot more, but not every artist can benefit fully from that. Artists should consider professional help. As an upcoming artist, you have enough workload (I.e prepring for gigs and recordings), brooding about marketing isn’t the perfect way to spend your valuable time and resources. Instead of trying to do all the work by yourself, you can outsource some.


Let professionals manage and run your social media marketing. Effective social media marketing is difficult to master. A professional who has taken time and studied the whole concept and has the time to play around with methods has a greater chance to reach a wider audience.

photo : www.alexanderking.co.uk

Professionals are willing and are able to manage your outreach endeavors. If you intend to have a strong social media presence in the music industry,take advantage of the resources available. If you are a wise upcoming artist who is still to make a name go ahead and engage a professional to manage your online presence.

Urban culxure Media Pvt Ltd
Urban culxure Media Pvt Ltd

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