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Derick Majaivana’s second album on the cards


When you talk about inheritance from parents one’s mind is quick to think of houses, cars, money, businesses etc. Can talent be passed from generation to generation? Can it be viewed as a form of inheritance? Come with me and take a tour, today we talk to Derick Majaivana son of the Legendary Musician Lovemore Majaivana.

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Has Derick successfully taken over the reigns from his father? Let’s find out!

Lovemore Majaivana
Lovemore Majaivana

5star: Hello Derick! Its a pleasure to have this interview with you. Can you give us a brief background about yourself. Who is Derick Majaivana?


Majaivana: My name is Derick Majaivana, the first born to Lovemore Majaivana, I am a musician and I have one album to my name after Sono Sami (by L.Majaivana), released in July 2014. I learnt at David Livingstone Junior School, Lobengula Primary and Lozikeyi Primary. Secondary schooling I did at Mzilikazi High, Siganda Secondary School and Entumbane High School.


5star: For how long have you been in the Music industry?

Majaivana: I became actively involved in Music in 2005 as a drummer for a local group called One plus One.


5star: That’s remarkable, so besides being a vocalist you are a drummer also?

Majaivana: Yes, I also play keyboards!


5star: How has been the response from people to your music?

Majaivana: Its been surprising and I’m loving it!


5star: How has it been following the footsteps of your father Lovemore Majaivana arguably one of the greatest musician of all time in Zimbabwe?


Majaivana: hmmm its quite an uphill task, knowing the messages are relevant in his music, you just have to do better and stay relevant so as to get going.


5star: Any big artists you have worked with or shared stage with?


Majaivana: Yes! namely Albert Nyathi, Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi, Jah Prayza, Suluman Chimbetu, Alick Macheso, Nicholas Zachariah.


5star: Those are great names in the Industry. I’ll throw you into the deep end! Who is your favorite local musician of all time?


Majaivana: James Chimombe!

5star: Derick are you married?

Majaivana: Nope

5star: How do you handle and relate with your fans?


Majaivana: I relate and handle them with respect and love, always humbling myself around them.


5star: Let’s talk about you upcoming album, what should your fans expect from your upcoming album?


Majaivana: Its something more vibrant with messages as usual and relevantly motivational.

5star: Describe yourself in ONE word! Majaivana:Motivational

5star: What challenges do you face as an artist and what do you think will be the rightful solutions?

Majaivana: The economic situation is affecting the general public, that also affects one as an artist because for people to attend gigs they need money and be happy too, secondly our promoters in zimbabwe are one sided in terms of supporting artists, artist from my region (Bulawayo) lack the publicity our counter artists are given. More functions are held in Harare and not Bulawayo.


5star: How has been the support by Government and cooperate world toward art development?

Majaivana: Fair ground is needed to improve, support from stake holders and government is not visible in Matebelaland Region.

5star: What are your words of encouragement to upcoming artists?

Majaivana: Persistence and courage will get you on top, no matter the challenges have a vision that will drive you all the way to your destiny.

Get in touch with Derick on Facebook: Derick Majaivana and also on whatsapp: +263779099436.

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