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Donna N the multi-talented DIVA from the City of Kings


Donna Ncube was born in the beautiful month of July to a very strong and amazing woman. She was raised in a strong Christian setup which is one greatest gift any mum can ever give to her child and I will be sure to pass it on to the generations to come says Donna. A very ambitious lady from a simple background who grew up in the City of Kings and Queens.Urban Culxure Tracked down Donna for an Exclusive…

U.C:What were dreams growing up?
Music, TV and film were the most profound things that showed themselves when I was really young. They really scared me cause I had this huge interest in these things that my circle of upbringing did not appreciate much so I kept quiet about didn’t tell anyone but you know when something is in you it won’t go away it will haunt you for good.

Donna N stars on Voices in My head whicvh premiers on Sartuday 31 October
Donna N stars on Voices in My head whicvh premiers on Sartuday 31 October

U.C:I understand you are a presenter for a radio and television, how did that come about?

Skyz Metro Fm : Donna N will be a Presenter
Skyz Metro Fm : Donna N will be a Presenter

Radio, came through auditions for a local radio station and I made, TV I studied and then I connected with local individuals that produced TV materials and boom! The craft grew.

U.C:What have been some of the highlights of your presenting career?
The upcoming radio station will be a highlight for sure, and I really loved covering the Intwasa Arts Festival.


Donna N
Donna N

U.C: You are now a well sought actress, how does that make you feel?
Really, I didn’t know lol. It’s such a great and beautiful thing, to be appreciated for what you love and are passionate about somehow it confirms that I am doing the right thing.

U.C: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
VERY FAAAARRRRR! And a great growth in my craft. But above all, we throw the dice and God determines how they fall, so if the fall is within what I have planned, I should have built a huge brand around the name DONNA N. That’s all I will say for now.

Donna N
Donna N

U.C:Any characters or celebrities you have met?
Oh yes I have been privileged to meet and greet some of the Queens and Kings of the entertainment industry (shout out to my brother who hates this word) in the city and in the country as well. I have lost count because I have met a lot of icons and heroes be it in the sports sector or community you name it, and also getting to interact with icons outside the country.

Donna N
Donna N

U.C:Describe your day to day activities
I plan my week on Sundays, so that each day entails something that will advance my career, it could be meetings, rehearsals etc and of cause house chores everyday cause I can’t say to my mum sorry I can’t cut the veggies I just did my manicure lol, I exercise at least 3 times a week and I have one cheating day were I eat all the junk I am not supposed to eat every day. If I am home early I always make sure I do not miss VEntertainment (for the love of Denise Zimba she is crazy entertaining). Thursday is movie night and Sunday church, never broken codes of conduct.

U.C:What have you learnt so far with your career?
I have learnt that in this business you really have to work hard for what you want, don’t rely that much on people to deliver your dreams to you, you need to get out there and push yourself. Be the master of your craft and know what you want or else you will be side tracked. And always surround yourself with people who want to see you win. Balance your body, spirit and soul, and you need God always!!

U.C:Describe your fashion style in 5 words.
Daring, lustrous, defiant, elegant and lazy (@times).

U.C:What is your favorite fashion item and why?
It has to be this cross gold ring that I have, it’s one of the best pieces I have ever bought for myself. It’s a constant reminder of who I am and that I have to remain humble always… And because I am obsessed with rings.

U.C: Where your favorite hangout in Bulawayo?
The City Hall rest area, I love that place, just sitting there overlooking one of the busiest streets in the city, people moving up and down, the smell of the green grass and the beautiful trees, I just manage to switch off there and be in the Donna zone. Mashies Restaurant is also a cool hangout area.


U.C:Which people do you want to work with and interview in future?
Gosh I have a loooooong list, Tyler Perry is in it, James Cameron, Kabomo, Zazalicious, RudoAmor, TakesureZamar Ncube, Zonke ……. Its endless

U.C:What is your advice to other aspiring presenters?
Find uniqueness in you, horn it to stand out, know who you are, embody faith and literally strike to kill


Single By Donna N -Wamuhle Coming in November
Single By Donna N -Wamuhle Coming in November

U.C:Any upcoming projects?

Donna N stars on Voices in My head whicvh premiers on Sartuday 31 October
Donna N stars on Voices in My head whicvh premiers on Sartuday 31 October

Yeep, I have a live theatre piece on the 31st of October called Voices in my head, a single coming out in November, more music and radio before the end of the year.

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