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Fake It Till You Make It!!!!!!!


Everyone who knows me knows that I am a lover of fashion. My greatest love are shoes and hand bags.

By Emma Nxumalo

I can shop the whole day and not get tired. My love for shoes and handbags has now turned into an obsession – a fixation I am very proud of kkkkk.




So, a lot of ladies ask me where I buy my shoes and handbags. Well, today I am going to help all my sisters out.

bag 1

Most people think that if you are a lover of fashion and all things Fab then you obviously being irresponsible and not being extra careful with your finances, NOT TRUE!

bag 2

To all those people that think one cannot get lovely but affordable items in Zimbabwe, I say child please, don’t blame our country for your poor fashion eye.

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If you have the nose for fashion you can sniff out great fashion pieces from “Khothama Boutique,” yes, those places have killer handbags and clothes.


And to the uninitiated, Khothama Boutique refers to the flea markets that sell second hand clothes and to khothama is to bend as you reach for the wares that are strewn on the ground.


You can even go Retro with my girl Nothando’s Vintage Kloset and I assure you all your frenemies will be frantically and unsuccessfully combing all regular stores trying keep up with you.


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The trick is to try and have a unique fashion sense.


And on that note, I have fallen in love with Sandton Mall in South Africa because I have realised that shops like Mr Price, Jet and Top Shop, stock stuff that you do not find at other malls.


Shopping at such outlets will have one looking not only fab but different from other ladies, and that is a statement on its own.


I am so guilty of loving the finer things in life.

I am talking about Christian Louboutins, Louis Vuiton, Gucci, Michael Kors, Chanel and all the others, but the gospel truth is that I can not afford them at the moment.


Reason why I am saying “at the moment” is simply because I will soon afford them but for now I got my hustling cap on.

In the meantime, I have mastered the art of shopping for the fake stuff.

Those that know the real deal often think I am wearing or carrying the real deal and I love it kkkkk.


There is no shame in carrying a knockoff and if you all stick with me, I will show you the hottest places where you can get great deals. Even your haters will die of haterisation (Blame this kind of vocabulary on the Braxton Family Values) because they won’t even know what to do with themselves, Lol, ‘’Bye Felicia’’


I have included pictures of some of my favourites that attract a lot of attention when I go out!!

Remember folks; if you can not afford the real Michael Kors!

“Fake It Till You Make It”


God Is Love



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