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MC Chita to Release New Album


When one speaks about Zimhiphop history, he or she cannot conclude without saying anything, about the two time best Zimhiphop award winner Mc Chita.

Mc Chita
Mc Chita

Mc chita whose birth name is Chitarisiro chiketa (32), has worked with major artist such as Stunner, Jnr brown, Tehn Diamond, Roki.Speaking Urban Culxure he said that he working on a new album titled, ” I Chitarisiro”. He gave the title of the album after his name Chitarisiro, which makes it clear that the album its a description of the Hiphop artist. ” its the darkest ( album), most personal album, i have ever done.it might be just a double cd. “The album is very much inspired by my life and a lot of trials and tribulations, i have face especially of late, “ he said.

Mc Chita
Mc Chita

MC chita said he worked with producers from Countries such as Jamaica, , South Africa, U.S.A, Zambia, Canada.In the current album he has worked with a producer from Dubai. The album features various artists including upcoming artist from Bulawayo Swiska el.capitan. he went on to say that the theme of his 6 th album is we shall overcome, meaning once victory is made one can finale realize his goal.  M.C Chita about the hit dandaro, which was one of best hits in the country and even regional. whether it was his or roki song.


He also made it clear why people got confused on whose song Dandaro, was it. ” the reason why plenty of people get it confused is because the editor messed up on titling and he put roki ft mc chita. ” dandaro is actually my song, “ explained mc chita. He promised his fans that, some of the tracks will grab people’s, attention just like dandaro. ” there is a song with Pauline from Mafrik called ‘zvinoita’, ”


He stated, that it will rock waves. Although he couldn’t state the tracks in the album, he said his hoping to realese the album at the end of the year, and it will be launched in the country and in South Africa. Mc chita stated that his not married, although he has a daughter. ” not married at the moment ……still very single, “he said.Besides being a hiphop artist his an author,” actually i am writing a novel, at the moment …. its titled ” the sangoma murders,” he explained.

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