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Meet Cde Phil: A Man who is inspired By Art

He believes that Art is an inspiration, His  role in the Arts sector is diverse. Despite having been known as a MC he is also a Motivational Speaker, Poet and Actor.




Cde Phil as he is known is a young man born, Phillip Moyo on 21 April 1993 at Mpilo Hospital.He is a charismatic Youngman, Humble, Focused and Godfearing. His work have been amazing especially as an MC and have got the attention of Zimbabwe’s leading festivals.We managed to track down talented and Ambitious Creative who gave us an Exclusive.
Cde Phil @ Work..
Cde Phil @ Work..
The Road… 
My journey in the Arts industry began while at Primary school. In 2007 I began taking Arts serious and started performing Poetry and featuring in School Plays.
In 2008 I was part of  Dreams To Fame Competition and i won it that year in the Poetry category.
I did my education at Lotshe Primary School then went to St Columbas High School for my Ordinary Level for my Advanced Level I went to Northlea High School.
Cde Phil @ Work..
Cde Phil @ Work..
What Inspired the Name Cde Phil…
Kkkkk thats a tricky question indeed but that name goes along way back.I used to write revolutionary poems and people used to say I have a mind of a war veteran so thats how i got  it began.
Favourite Quote…
My favourate quote is one which i created which says ” the only limitation you have in life is your mind. “
Cde Phil @ Work..
Cde Phil @ Work..
What Else do you do…
Besides Arts I work as a Motivation speaker and last year i started a charity organisation called GATCO(Give And Transform Charity Organisation ) that focuses on helping the less privilege in our society and given mitivational talks to young people.
Careear Highlights…
Presenting Jikinya National Finals in 2013 and being able to be the youngest MC in zimbabwe to have had graced almost every Festival in the Country. As a poet the skill of delivering lines.


I’am inspired by Raisedon Baya then on Presenting and being an MC by Babongile sikhonjwa and Giyani moyo


 “Art is an inspiration “ it is what has motivated me and raised me to be the man that I’am right now.Every art form of mine is an inspiration. Art is my life style.

Current Project…

Currently I’am penning down an anthology which I wish to publish next year which has a collection of my poems.


My motto is” the only limitation you can have in your life is your mind but always have desire to fly high like an eagle.To those supporting us keep on supporting us…








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