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Meet Charmaine Mudau: A Talented Actress


The Live Literature Project which is a hit during Intwasa Arts Festival Ko Bulawayo has also stood as a breeding ground for the next generation of Actors. The future of Zimbabwean theatre looks bright with the pool of talented young gems. One such person is creative and talented Charmaine Mudau who gave us an exclusive.




How did it start:

It started when i was F1 when i was doing drama in the YES Programmes..I have always had a passion for theatre…It completes me, i believe that it is my road to self discovery. I later joined Nhimbe (Spaa) then graduated to Center for talent development (Live Literature Project)…

Charmaine Mudau
Charmaine Mudau

Tell us About Yourself:

Charmaine Mudau is a 22year old lady.Venda by culture & 100% proud of it.Im a very simple, outgoing, sensitive, loving and fragile person some people say they know me for the gentleness of my disposition & the extra ordinary sweetness of my nature..



My dad & siblings they bring out the inner girl in me that views the world in a more different manner.

Charmaine Mudau on stage
Charmaine Mudau on stage

What else do you do besides theatre:

Im a 3rd year student at Lupane state University studying for a Bachelor honors degree in Language & communication studies Faculty of humanities & social sciences. At the moment i’m on attachment at the National arts council of Zimbabwe.

Charmaine Mudau
Charmaine Mudau

Experience with The Live Literature Project:

The project has taught me a lot of things,made me discover some of my strengths i have always had the best experience when it comes to the project. 

First experience on stage:

Haa to be honest i just said to myself, Charmaine if you forget the lines just walk out hahahah yah but i managed to do my best and all went well though fear was clouding my mind


Your Fav qoute:

The only competition i have is the person im staring at in the mirror


One thing you cant live without:



In 5 years time what can we expect from you:

Charmaine Mudau on the Sun Will Rise Again
Charmaine Mudau on the Sun Will Rise Again

I hope to hold a position in a particular organisation or company of my own that opens avenues for women and young girls in theatre.My dream is to change people’s minds towards theatre.I want them to view it not as a hobby but a means of communication, expression & source of income.Thats me in 5years time

Charmaine Mudau on the Stage
Charmaine Mudau on stage

Last words:

Be who you are ,Never give up,Everyone who makes it in life doesnt use the same route as the universe but rather the opposite . Be passionate with what you do thats how i survive

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