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Pawn By Fungai Makoni to Premier In Harare


When a rape victim gives birth and turns to prostitution for a living, how does her child feel and behave, growing up in such an environment?


The movie titled Pawn which is directed, by Fungai Makoni will be premired on October 31 at Pamberi Trust Gardens in Harare

Urban Culxure news caught up with the director of the film . The Movie Features stars Mike Ruwizhi who starred in Dead-end, Sindiso Mkhize, Roslyn Chakanyuka who starred in Wenera, Precious Tafi and  Lewis Tumpkin.

Fungai Makoni thanked the cast and the crew for the role, they played for the Film to be successful, despite a number of challenges they faced. “the crew has been great only that there was a challenge of availability on the part of actors due to financial constraints hence the movie took long to conclude, “ said the Makoni.

Makoni said the film is about: “Pawn is about a young man who is born out of rape, he lives in ghetto with his mother a commercial sex worker who is struggling to make ends meet. ” he is forced to sell drugs because of big shots who control his life. He has a dream to make it in music and he persues it though the odds which are against him. “He also meets mitchell an up town girl who shares the same predicament of having people running her life.United they conquer, ” narrated Fungai makoni.

Makoni said the main aim of the movie is to revive the industry which has been on its knees and to contribute to the growth of the economy. He also said  that, the viewers will learn that perseverence pays and that crime doesn’t pay.

He went on further to describe the film industry in the country, as an industry that can create employment to a number of people. “its an industry that has potential of growth and can actually employ thousands if given the right recognition, “ he said. Fungai also encouraged, collaborations so that the industry can grow.

In this film Makoni worked with Infinity Films, Perspective Life Style and Zimbabwe Deaf Media Trust. Makoni is  inspiration came from the movie everyone ‘s child which was realeased in 1995 and was directed by Tsitsi Dangarembga. “When i saw everyone’s child i knew it was possible and i began to write as early as 13,” he said.

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