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The checklist every graduate should have

Graduation : Photo Credit : graduation.aces.illonois.edu
Graduation : Photo Credit : graduation.aces.illonois.edu

Graduation day is one of the precious memories we possess .After having sleepless nights preparing for presentations, writing assignments and your dissertation, you have finally finished your course, passed with flying colors and it is time to graduate.

Graduation : Photo Credit : graduation.aces.illonois.edu
Graduation : Photo Credit : graduation.aces.illonois.edu

It is a must that you look fabulous on your graduation day. However never make the mistake of wanting to be a flamboyant peacock. Keep it simple, formal and classic, you don’t want to look at your photos ten years later and just cringe. The checklist you should have is;
Gown and  cap

Your graduation regalia are the important things on your checklist. They are not only a form of academic excellence but they will help you fit in and reflect on your academic years.

Suit or Dress
If you are man, consider a black suit because, it is timeless, chic, classy and sophisticated. Make sure that it fits properly; ill-fitting suits are a sight for sore eyes.It should not seem like a Michael Jackson suit, your socks should not be flashing the trousers should touch the top heel of the shoe.

Suit Pic source : www.aliexpress.com
Suit Pic source : www.aliexpress.com

Make sure you have a clean cut and shave so, that you look sleek and neat.Opt for a white shirt or that matches your gown,not too bright.Your shoes should be black.
Ladies opt for a shift dress

Shift Dress PICTURE: bumpwearproject.com
Shift Dress PICTURE: bumpwearproject.com

The shift dress not only classy but timeless, and it will come in handy when you are going for job interviews. Also get a blazer and some court shoes or wedges, they are comfortable. This will make you confident and comfortable. Also decide on your hairstyle and your nails, how you look is very important as you will be stuck with the photos for the rest of your life, so you have to look your best


You have to buy them way ahead of time to avoid the rush; the tickets will determine who will come for your graduation and the people who you want to be part of your big day will have ample time to clear their schedules.

You have to make sure that you have transport to take you to and from where the graduation ceremony will be. You do not want to miss your graduation because of poor planning.

Money for the photos
Photos are the only tangible evidence that you will have to prove to your children that you graduated, thus it is important that you have as many as possible. You have to have enough money to take photos by a professional photographer so that they look crisp.





Make sure you follow the colors that will be suggested by your lectures, some bright colors are a sight for sore eyes under the academic gown

 Gentleman shave your beard, you do not want opt look like wolverine on your graduation photos.

 Ladies opt for a hairstyle that will enable you to wear your cap of knowledge, not something too big, you have to shine on your big day.

 Pay the graduation fee on time to avoid chaos.

 Check the graduation date with your institution so that you do not miss your graduation.

Congrats and have fun on your big day.
Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista.

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