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Will Muringa Music Replace Urban Grooves?

When the then Minister of Information and Publicity Jonathan Moyo introduced 100% local airplay on all radio stations a lot of local artists grabed the opportunity by both hands. We witnessed the birth of so many artists who were probably guaranteed airplay by the policy introduced.

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Kudakwashe "Five star General" Chikwanda
Many urban grooves artists made names, the likes of Roki, Leonard Mapfumo, ExQ, Sani Makhalima, Plaxedes Wenyika, Mafriq, Sebede, XtraLarge, BootKinKlan, Decibel, Sniper, Afrika Revenge. Producers that made it that time included Take5, TBA and many more. The list is just endless. One hit wonders showed up in the scene and went away, those that were strong survived in the seemingly competitive environment.
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Its unfortunate that quite a number of them couldn’t survive the storm, you can imagine thousands of songs produced in a short space of time you really had to be good to make it in a flooded market.One can’t deny that ‘ZimDanceHall’ is just pulling the ropes in Zimbabwe’s music industry for now.
Mafriq Music Factory
Mafriq Music Factory
Mafriq Music Factory is coming up with one huge concept which they believe is the altimate remedy to the fading once lucrative ‘urban grooves’. They call it Muringa Music!. Muringa is a fast growing drought resistant tree, also known for its use in water purification and herbal medicine.
Muringa Music
Muringa Music
From the abilities of the tree as I explained one would concluded that Mafriq Music Factory has found the remedy to the purification and healing of the music industry. Impressive idea they have. Mafriq Music Factory as explained by Pauline Gundidza one of the Executives of the project is looking into all forms of art.
Pauline Gundidza
Pauline Gundidza
The project isn’t confined to music alone but looks into other different forms of arts. Pauline revealed to us that the vision of the Mafriq Music Factory label is to bring healing to the Zimbabwean music industry. In an interview she expressed that in her travelling to many nations she has seen how rich and conserved are the cultural elements of music in that country.
She jokingly said ‘zimbabwean’s have a tendency of being tosed to and fro by the wind’, if hip hop its the in-thing then everyone suddently becomes and hip hop artists, if HouzMusic is at its dominance then everyone becomes a house artist. In other words we have failed to preserve our cultural arts values hence the birth of Moringa Music by Mafriq Music Factory!
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