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#16DaysofActivism: To Err is Human, To Abuse is Inhuman

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By Sithandekile T. Nyoni

Sithandekile T. Nyoni
Sithandekile T. Nyoni

We are past the point where domestic violence was a show of male superiority, strength and dominion. Welcome to the a new civilized era; an era where dominion is a different story from abuse.

Strength has never been a synonym for abuse.
Strength is in how much you can take but still be the person you are destined to be.
Strength isn’t in weakening the opponent by all means possible to win.
Abuse and strength can never be related.
Not from the same branch or even the same seed.
Abuse cannot be a means of display of strength because it has never been strength but has always been weakness misinterpreted.
Abuse isn’t weakening the opponent. It is self-destruction, a disguised mutilation of one’s own foot.

Power has never been a measure of physical, emotional, mental strength or has it been about proving your strength over your partner.
Power has always been in self-worth.
Your strength becomes your weakness when you use your strengths to be stronger than the weaker.
When your power is used to weaken those you deem weak, you cease to be stronger than the “weak”.
When you count on winning an argument by using your physical power to prove superiority, you cease to be the stronger person you were.
When you count on my lack of education to prove your intelligence, your intelligence quotient becomes a cause of concern.

When you count on my lack to keep me subdued, you acknowledge your inability to face the truth that at my optimum performance; I am more than you hope to be.
You weaken my strengths because you know what I am capable of, how I can be a flower that blossoms to outshine the grass.
Let me be; let my strengths flourish.
Let me soar and be woman.
Let me thrive. I’m human
To err is human, to abuse is inhuman
Battered and bruised does not mean weak. Batterer and bruiser means weak.

We are beyond the strengths and weaknesses debate. We are at a point where we accept that life is not a partnership nor is it a competition. We define ourselves and take responsibility of our actions. Freed from past moral illnesses, we embrace a new era; a gender violence free era.

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