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One on One with Flame B


“Kana Church ikanakidza so so so handidzokere kumba kana church yanakidza soo”… Does this song ring a bell? Of course it does, beautiful track by none other than Zimbabwean gospel prodigy FLAME B!

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The song went viral on airwaves and did very well on the local charts and today we get to hear more from the man behind the song Ndichamutambira which was Number 1 on ZBC Top 100 in 2012. Flame B has shared the stage with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy and other big names in the music industry. Let’s waste no time!


5star: Flame let’s get right to it, who is Flem B?

FLAME5 Flame B: Flame B is a young vibrant and fired up for Jesus Gospel Music Minister whose mission is to touch lives, change lives and win souls for Jesus through turning the word of God to melody..


5star: Very catchy stage name! How did that name come about?


Flame B: Thank You.! Well “Flame” came about just like its written in the bible that “The Word of God is like fire Shut up in my bones… So that word of God that is like fire shut up in my bones is where the Name “Flame” Came From. and B is for my real name Blessing so a Flame of Blessings is what I am


5star: we’ve really had quite a number of gospel artist show up on the scene over the last decade. What makes your music outstanding?

Flame B with a Friend
Flame B with a Friend

Flame B: Most people might say its the energy on stage and some might say it’s the dances and some might say the upbeat songs and the way I sing but the truth is I give all the credit the Holy spirit. I believe it’s God himself who makes my music outstanding because he is the one who inspires my music, i.e He breathes a new song into my heart each morning”. Also looking at it clearly I am nothing without God and would be nowhere but because of Him I am who I am and where I am today and It’s only him who makes my music outstanding 5star: Profound thoughts indeed. For how long have you been involved in the music industry? Flame B: behind the scenes I’ve been a musician since 10 years old but professionally I have been in the industry for 4 years now!!


5star: Beautiful! Not so long ago you had the priveledge to share a stage with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. How did that feel?


Flame B: Oh God.!!! That one particular moment is a memory that shall forever live in my heart. I always play it in my head and it’s so fresh. I always re-live the moment..!! It was so so glorious. Heaven on Earth. I felt like rapture is a second away from coming. Its a one in a billion opportunity that comes in a man’s life to be with Man of God Pastor Chris. My life changed ever since then. I am so grateful to God for that heavenly opportunity

5star: Couldn’t agree more to that experience. What other big names in the industry have you shared the stage with?


Flame B: Truth is I had not done much collaborations with many artists because I was still working on myself. I praise God for he has perfected me now. So far I have worked with other big artists like Martin Phike (RSA), “Somersault Guys/Ur Flames” and I am going to be working on other big things with Frank Edwards (Nigeria), Joe Praise (Nigeria) and hopeful with Sinach (Nigeria) too and many more. All these are International Gospel Icons and I respect their work


5star: Let’s talk about your hit song ‘handidzokere kumba’. What do you make of that song?Is it the one that got you the break in the industry?


Flame B: I got on the Map with Ndichamutambira which is the song that won song of the year 2012 top 100 countdown on Zbc. Then Handidzokere Kumba fuelled the fire when it hit the waves and ended reaching the Man Of God Pastor Chris until he called me on stage after a perfomance in Nigeria and I ended up dancing with him after he blessed me.

5star: Wow! That’s remarkable! Tell me what inspires you when you make your music? We have urban grooves, dancehall, sungura, rhumba and all, how would you describe your music as?

Flame B: Verily Verily I say unto you, I quote our Lord and saviour on that 1st part. hahahaha’….. It really is by the Spirit of God that I write these songs with such excellence for it is not by power nor by might that I write these but it’s by the Spirit of God. That is just how I write songs. I’m inspired by The Holy Spirit. Now the genre of my music I do is what I personally call T.P (Tropical Punch) cause you can find any sound and genre you like in the songs though it will all be under Gospel Music. My music is mainly the Gospel/word turned into Melody


5star: Tropical Punch! I like! How many albums or singles have you produced so far?

Flame B: More than 38 and I have 2 albums to my name and the first one was all trial and error .lolest

5star: Hahaha… Which artist do you reckon to be the best of all time according to you?

Flame B: Many artists I love but Israel Houghton, Donnie McClurkin and Micah Stampley.

5star: From your own point of view, to what extent has gospel music grown over the last decade?

Flame B: I think it has grown bigger and better because almost everyone is singing Gospel music in their own respective different kinds of genres but above all it has grown big because most of the songs being sung in churches and also by us ministers are songs by different churches chapters and have become sing along songs even on by children as young as 3 year old and even cellphone ringtones; its Gospel songs all the way now. Nowadays there are also now even hosting different Gospel awards events meaning Gospel music has made such noise and is now being recognised to be a powerhouse too. So i personally think gospel music has touched many lives and has made giant strides positively in the last decade upto date…


5star: That’s great! Flame B are you married?


Flame B: Happily, Yes! very happily married to a beautiful wife with two adorable children.

5star: How do you manage your time? You have a family that needs your attention, rehearsals, recordings, shows, ministry. How do you cope?

Flame B: It’s kind of challenging to balance sometimes when there is a lot of pressure workwise especially when I’m hired for work somewhere and fully booked. Though when I am not fully booked and I’m the one creatin a timetable for myself ,family time is also included on that timetable, for I know it’s important to balance the two, work and family for I believe it’s not all about money but it’s also about having a strong and good relationship with your family. So work is important for the family to survive coz it sustains us financially yet at the same time spending time with family is very important too so you just have to balance the two .Whether you like it or not. hahaha. its important to.


5star: Definately, what challenges have you encountered in the industry and how did you overcome them?

Flame B: Along my journey to the top I came across proud individuals who would not be willing to help when I asked for help since I was just starting back in the day. Though in the long run I figured out it was God training me up to depend on him only and have faith in Him not man. That is when the scripture that’s says “Let no man Glory in man for all things are yours” became my favourite verse.. lol.. Finally the enemy of progress for all music ministers is “PIRACY”… That affected me the 1st days because I was saying so how do I get money from this if people pirate my music like this,. It got to me even to the extent of quitting, but as I was pondering on my frustration about Piracy I came across a teaching from my Man of God Pastor Chris and he said; God wants you to take care of his business and He will take care of yours. So with this teaching I pulled up my socks and started working for God recording my music and still sending it out for all man to be blessed. Now piracy is a marketing tool for me that takes my music everywhere by free course without me paying anything they are helping spread the word faster and vastly. hahaha. Now God is taking care of my business financially,health wise and business wise, wisdom wise, the list is endless I can write a whole infinity page book of all that God is taking care of in my life as I started taking care of his business. So yes I came across these 2 challenges in the industry though they were all for my good and working together for good..


5star: Exceptional thoughts, what can your legion of fans expect from you? Anything new coming up?

Flame B: Yes.. I am doing a Flame B tour in Zimbabwe then I am also doing a Flame B tour in Australia,Canada,Uk and America.. All my fans from abroad shall see me performing live.. I am also doing a live dvd recording and a video album of all their favourite songs so stay tuned for attractions from Flame B.


5star: Describe yourself in 2 words!

Flame B: God’s Glory!


5star: Its been a pleasure talking to you Flame B, in conclusion how can your fans get in touch with you?

Flame B: It’s really bean a pleasure too. My legion of fans can catch me on Facebook by simply liking my page FLAME B, on twitter they follow me @flembenjamin and on yookos they can catch me as “flembenjamin”

Music wise they can also now get most of my hit songs on the online stores!+263733217595 for all bookings and collaborations,advice and suggestions,opinions and positive criticism too!

Ladies and Gentlemen “hasta la vista”, me and Flame B are out of here!

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