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Following the runaway success of their first play “Voices In My Head” which sold out its one-night-only run at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo on 31 October, Early Entertainment will run a highly demanded and extended encore performance of the play at
Bulawayo Theatre on the 28th of November 2015. The entertaining play’s return comes at a good time as it coincides with the 16 days of activism against gender based violence and in its own way touches on the gruesomeness of the vice.
Bulawayo was treated to what critics called a “fresh and refreshing” play which was a very welcome change from the traditional style and genre of theater dominating the industry but critics and audiences were left screaming for more of the unexpected phenomenon. The original run sold out the Gallery venue with over 200 people squeezing in to catch a glimpse of what critics called the “new voice of theater in Bulawayo”, and new it was as it boasted not only a vibrant young cast of new-comers in the theater field, but a completely fresh and
untested young Director in the form of 24-year-old Elliot Moyo who co-produced the play with award-winning animator/filmmaker Mhle Nzima.
This team of underdogs embarked on this production following the director’s vision and their drive and passion inspired the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo and Alliance Française De Bulawayo to put their support behind them and help them bring to life what turned out to be a magical experience for everyone involved.

Mhle Nzima

“Voices In My Head” is an original postmodern play cleverly written and directed by the multi-talented Elliot Moyo who also does film, photography, event management and graphic design. The witty play follows the exploits of Mandy Good wife, a young bride with multiple
personalities which take on physical form.

Abandoned by her abusive father at a young age, Mandy lives trapped in a state of constant fear where she believes her own husband Mtha will leave her as well and her
ever-warring personalities are always there to deliver the laughs,
drama, tension and emotion. On stage, Mandy Good wife’s role is played
by Donna N, a multi talented songstress, film actress and model cum
theatre actress.
Her clashing personalities are portrayed by two different actresses in the form of University of Zimbabwe Theatre Arts graduate Tracelley Bvungidzire as the sassy Mandy B, and NUST
Journalism and Media Studies student Thelma Gugulethu Ncube as the optimistic Mandy Mandie. Completing the female-heavy cast is the memory of their departed mother, Mama, played by Amanda Dube, and the only man in the play caught in the middle of the chaos, Mtha, played by budding film actor Exult Ncube.
This unexpected mix of talents delivered a tear-jerking performance which prompted many “oohs, aahs and awws” from the audience who were constantly on the edge of their seats in tension. An emotional roller coaster from beginning to end, the play touched on young love,distrust, domestic violence against women, its effects on children,and so much more,but ultimately, the show was a piece of innocent family entertainment written mainly to be enjoyed, and that it was.
The play’s concept was the brainchild of Elliot Moyo which came to him following his brushes with friends, family and strangers whose lives and happiness was affected by their inability to let go of the past and he felt it would be interesting to actually show the kind of inner
conflict these people have through using Mandy Good wife as a sample.Mandy is designed to be the typical human being who always has crossroad decision making moments, however this is taken one step further by the story giving the audience access to her decision making
Her conversations and arguments with herself come alive on-stage in a one-of-a-kind experience where the audience witnesses what happens in her mind as she tries to reach a decision. Laced with original music that goes deeper into expressing Mandy’s thoughts and feelings it touches the heart and is a definite piece to enjoy.

Early Entertainment is a Bulawayo-Based multimedia studio and management agency which specializes in theatre; film and videography; photography; project management; and graphic design among several other artistic elements.

It is directed by company founder Elliot Moyo who works in partnership with Mhle Nzima, co-director of Bulawayo-based rEBEL fILM pRODUCTIONS, among other talented
individuals in the arts.

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