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2015 Film Review show: The High’s and low’s of the Film Sector

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The curtain comes down on 2015 later today. We didn’t have much of film premiers.The Film sector as usual had its moments the good,bad and the Ugly. In Bulawayo we started the year on a high note with the premier of Qiniso A film By Lenni Mdawini sibanda so much was said.I was amazed by how the qiniso guys made history the cinema was packed.It was at that time that social media showed its relevance in modern day society.



Some were overnight film Expects/critics. Twitter went on overdrive as some who had watched the flick via twitter made unrealistic comments. I wonder what Qiniso was being compared with that we have to call a film in Bulawayo over the past years. I won’t mention names but we have had pathetic screen plays from the city but none has said a word Why Qiniso?

In March 2015 another film Tsotsi was premiered in Bulawayo. The producers made the film go popular as it was sold in the streets and manged to have road shows promoting the film. The film might had made an impact in the community as it was easily accessible to the general public.

The film had its devastating things first it was about the name a copy-cat of an award winning South African Film,a thing which didn’t go down well with many. The production itself, Unlike Qiniso this one was never crucified i then wonder what happenned to the film critics. If am given the chance to compare the two i will tell you which  was exaggerated and which one needed your attention.


Yes Qiniso could have had technicalities but the story line was on point if you wanted to understand.One thing that suprised me in the year was how eager some individuals were in making corrections.Some wanted a reshoot with the use of their own equipment isn’t that being selfish why not paln on another production.Our sector is filled with so much negative energy from some local film makers who just beef each other for nothing to show for. Film expects who sit on twitter and vomit utter rubbish.

On a high note we ended the year well with a film titled Freedom by Nigel Ndlovu and produced by Zifft its a good short film.That has a cast of talented individuals.

As our film problems continue I wont forget about episodes I have seen happen at Bulawayo Rainbow cinemas. The cinema’s isn’t technological friendly, the staff have no clue or whatsoever about handling some of the gadgets. First i saw the technicalities during Qiniso the movie premier the guys went for over 3 and half hours battling with the gadgets The exact copy-cat of February happened in December at Elite 400 well this time the guys from ZIFFT didn’t just go they wanted a Re-Fund it was a torrid war of words. The cinema in Bulawayo is pathetic to say the list.

The problems the film sector face in Bulawayo shall not end with the Cinema fiasco it also happened in Makokoba during Ibumba Festival we were promised films that never happened. Why sell us a dummy? What of us who are Film Enthusiasts first it was a promise of the Qiniso Producers giving us a collection of their new short films and well that never happened I spent hours patiently waiting and well i ended up going back home without witnessing my favorite thing my $2 went on for nothing.

No  sorry or whatsoever from the festival team PATHETIC… As if it was the only thing we were sold yet another dummy when the ZIFFT guys came in and no film was screened but your program promised us all that. If you cant do it then forget and  focus on other things. I believe we were sold things that never existed.

In 2016 some of us are not taking any of that. I thank the guys at Urban Culxure for giving me the chance to be the film writer i will be spiting venom and calling a spade a Spade not a spoon.Have a prosperous 2016 and can you please make films for us we want to watch…No talk talk business dont promise things you can’t do…

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