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Mood boards and New years resolutions

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Every time we enter a new year a lot of us sit down with pen’s and papers and write down plans for the year. Some  manage to cross off the checklist of items achieved and some only laugh at themselves at the end of the year when they realize that none of the goals were even attempted.


One thing we Fashion lovers struggle with is planning our looks on a daily basis and let alone the whole year. I have come up with a solution for myself and you might want to do the same for yourself and that is creating a mood board.
A mood board is something that is created by fashion designers at the beginning of the designing process.


It’s a collection of photos or anything in general that inspires the designer at the time. From there the designer may pick a few ideas from the mood board and come up with a collection. We can do the same when coming up with items of clothing for our 2016 looks.


What you could do is collect pictures of outfits from a magazine or online on Pinterest. The pictures could be of the type of clothes you would want to wear as well as the type of shoes and jewellery. The final Board should not exceed more than a page because too much ends up creating clutter even with the way we want to look.

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Once you are done making you mood board you can then purchase items and also make use of already existing pieces in your closet. If you have so much extra items that you do not wear you can always pack them up and give them away to the needy. We all know that to get more you have to give.

I feel creating a mood board of your closet could help keep us out of debt and from buying unnecessary items that will just take up space in your closet. One priceless accessory though is your beautiful smile lovelies.

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