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Top 10 Stage Masters of 2015…


With a few days left before we say goodbye to 2015 and welcome the new year,we take time to appreciate 10 outstanding stage masters. Who have in the year gave exhilarating stage perfomances that have left many hungry for more. It is our believe that they will continue with the top drawer acts in 2016.

Here we go….

ibumba10. Mzoe 7

Mzoe 7
Mzoe 7

The energetic young man has proved in no reasonable daubt that when on stage he means business. Mzoe 7 who is populary known as Mr Gagagugu. has offered mouth watering stage antics that has left many calling for more. He has also managed to share the stage with Man of the moment Jah Prayzer and hip hop King Cal_vin…

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9.Dr. Tawanda

Dr Tawanda a performer par excellence!
Dr Tawanda a performer par excellence!

Popular for the track Uncoquarable he is one man who has proved that despite having a big body one can work magic while on stage. He have left many clomoring for his stage presence as he gives top notch moves.

8.Bervely Sibanda


She has been termed as controversial her dance moves has been described as dirty, but the fact is she has made a legion of men never to dare go back home as they keep chanting for her return on stage. Her dance moves have left many wondering and asking for more. The acrobatically gifted Sibanda has proved to be a queen of the dance floor…


7.Clive Chigubhu

Comedian Clive Chigubhu
Comedian Clive Chigubhu

From top drawer comic lines, the young man has proved that he is talented and can make the stage his home and make many laugh and forget of other worrying things in life. Chigubhu has proved to be among the amazing stage perfomers…


6. Killer T


The itai ndiwone hit maker has of late proved his dominance in the Zim Dancehall scene and above all proved that when on stage can turn many into dance masters.




He is among A few Urban Groove Artiste who have remained in the game for a while and indeed he has proved that he can still do better. The chidzoka hit maker can turn the stage into a dance floor and many will be singing along.

catch Musings @Ibumba Festival 2015...
catch Musings @Ibumba Festival 2015…


IYASA @IBUMBA come and witness what we are talking about..
IYASA @IBUMBA come and witness what we are talking about..

From the early days the group hasnt lost its relevance either have they become one hit makers. The globe trotting group have proved that dance is part of them.

If you dont believe on our List Come Witness some of them Perfom @ibumba Festival 2015 from then on…you will believe

3.Clement Magwaza


He has captured and entertained thousands . He has left many wondering,his stage presence have left many crying for more. He has dazzled people in his home town Plumtree with his mouth watering moves. His popular track has become an anthem, his dance moves have left many emulating to be like him…


2.Winky D


The ninja president who can go for over 3 hours on stage has proved that he is indeed the president as he gives value for money to fans…


1.Jah Prayzer and the 3rd Generation


With no fear or favor the man of the moment has proved that he can take care of the crowd. Despite the number of people who attend his shows he continues to shine and show that indeed he is a star…



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