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10 Habits To Upgrade Your Music Career in 2016

2015 has come and gone, well quite a number of artists finished the year strong. They ended the year on a high note, question how do you consolidate and take you career to another level?




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I’ve taken time to put together a 10 point Upgrade Blueprint for upcoming artists. I believe these are habits you can consider in your quest to advance your musical career. Come with me and take a look:
1. KNOW YOURSELF: Its very important to know yourself, know your strength and your weaknesses. This will give you the right foundation on the building of your career. Be able to identify the reasons you love music and why you are in it. If you are tougher on yourself than people can be then you are ready to fly.
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2. BE AN ARTIST: Well out there there are a whole lot of musicians but very few are creative artists. It takes a decision and focus to be an artist. Take time to study what made great artists be what they became and archive so much in music.
Guluva 7
Guluva 7
3. GET MORE KNOWLEDGE: Don’t stop learning new things. Artists are always open for new ideas to advance their career. Artists who are open minded and willing to learn knew things are more interesting and develope their talent much faster than others.
4. PERFECT YOUR STAGE WORK: Be your own competition, always look to improve from your previous performance. After every performance ask your pals for honest opinions, make reviews (watch your previous acts) and make necessary adjustments. Always look to share the stage with well established artists and get to learn how they stage their gigs.
5. NETWORK! Careers can not thrive in isolation. Make friends allover the industry. In your network you will get to meet people that can connect you for high profile gigs, make recommendations about you and strike lucrative deals for you and with you.
6. BE POSITIVE: Always be open minded. Be positive in all situations. If one gig doesn’t go well that is not the end of the world rather its a learning curve for you.
7. BE THE SOLUTION: Its so interesting how many musicians bring their problem looking for solutions from the industry. Be the solution in the industry. In the industry people face many challenges everyday as far as the industry is concerned and the question is who is the solution giver?
8. LEAD BY EXAMPLE: In all you do be a stand off! You have to be a leading example in the industry that is in the way you conduct yourself and handle yourself around. What is it then? Let others learn the good things from you.
Mzoe 7
Mzoe 7
9. SHARE IDEAS: Its not too early nor too late to share ideas with others. Like the old saying goes ‘iron sharpens iron’ so it is in the music industry ‘artist sharpens artist’. Sharing of ideas and knowledge helps one be better s it is n opportunity to learn new things.
calvin dat Luveve boy
calvin dat Luveve boy
You should always be committed to your art. Never in a single second should you deviate from your career’s foundation principles. The dangers of losing focus is losing the art itself.
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Music is a form of art and your entry into the industry means more creativity being poured into the industry hence positive habits must be in you for your own growth and recognition in the industry. Till next time, 2016 we pulling it off!


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