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2016 what’s in-store? Sungura vs ZimDancehall


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016, and as a norm many of us have put down a list of resolutions for the year. We’ve set targets for the year and its one thing to write them and its another thing to execute! I’m excited about 2016, I’m just seeing the music industry in our country improving and going to a whole new level.

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I must say 2015 was by no doubt the most competitive year as far as the music industry is concerned, we witnessed a whole lot of amazing talent being discovered and put through the mainstream. Gone are the days when Sungura was dominating, in 2015 Sungura was given a tough time by zim dancehall, zim hip hop and to a lesser extent zim house.

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Zim dancehall being in the fore -front in the race to topple Sungura as the most followed genre I must say the zim dancehall artist gave sungura artists a run for their money. Question: will Zim Dancehall keep up or Sungura will pick itself up? Well 2016 has the answer. For me it will be a heavy weight battle of supremacy: the prodigy ‘ZimDancehall’ vs the legendary Sungura. In this case I would have a flash back of Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield and believe me its a fight to remember.


Who would come out tops Zim Dancehall or Sungura in 2016?


3 things to watch out for:

1. No doubt Sungura for many years has been the most followed genre, but none can deny that it has lost its sting. Zimdancehall is on the offensive and Sungura needs a serious engine overhaul.

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2. Sungura is immune to change. They just don’t have the modern touch of it. They just don’t appeal to the modern world, therefore they are bound to follow behind. Zimdancehall cuts across every generation, as far as my eyes can see mmh R.I.P Sungura. Well they will still have a few loyals which is not a bad thing though.


3. Where on earth do Sungura artists do their gigs? Except for people like Sulu, Peter Moyo and a few notable one. Talk of Zimdancehall, these folks are all over the show. Sungura you have to pull your socks up. You have dominated for a long time, you better consolidate that otherwise ‘vapfanha vachaku wachisa’!


That’s it from me folks, grab your popcorn box and juice coz we have 12 rounds of non stop action and can’t wait to see who comes out victorious! Ring the bell ref!

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