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HIT or FLOP : Bizzah ,Like An Angel

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Artist: Bizzah
Track: Like an angel
Studio: Village Records
Stars: 3
New year, new ideas, new levels, a special thank you to my Editor Kudakwashe Takundwa for giving me the responsibility to run this Weekly Music Review Column HIT or FLOP! In essence the idea of the column is to review singles, albums and productions from Musicians.
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Its our ernest appeal to all artists that we will feature that they have to take all criticism with a good heart, we are not trying to discourage them but we give our honest opinion which will probably help you grow and perfect your art.
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Honest criticism help you notice the weaknesses you probably overlooked. Also it should be known that the opinions in this column are independent of the Editor and UrbanCulxure’s views rather they are personal opinions based on my own take for music.
Urban culxure
Urban culxure
Enough Chit Chat, let’s get right into it! In our very first edition of “HIT or FLOP”
I’ve taken time to listen to this track a couple of times and what’s my verdict? HIT or FLOP? Well I would give Bizzah’s Like an angel track a HIT. A few things to note, Bizzah’s rap is not bad, he really tried to keep his rap within the structure of the beat. That’s really commendable boi. He really has a potential of being a good hip hop artist. All he needs to do is to fine tune his rap and make it flow sweetly.
The female voice also wasn’t bad, it was average for starters. She tried staying in key a much as she could though she did hit a couple of wrong notes here and there. She has to work hard on her dynamics, she has to master the technique of controlling her notes. Otherwise in all fairness she did a commendable job.
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One element of the song I didn’t like was the guitar intro. It was too plain and its so obvious that its not a real guitar. For me that was a wrong choice of sound for the intro. In fact the intro was so weak and it doesn’t represent the song well. An intro should have that ability to capture the audience’s attention and this intro does not captivate at all.
If there was anything to be changed on this song its the intro. Otherwise the beat maker did a good job, I love the simplicity of the beat and the consistency of his flow.
urban culxure
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