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HIT or FLOP :Sinazo ft Dj Dash Track: Kalanga Child

urban culxure
Artist: Sinazo ft Dj Dash
Track: Kalanga Child
Composers: Tish Malaba Ncube & Lyle Bosch
Recorded: Face The Music Studios (BYO)
Record Label: Glenn Records Inc
STARS: 4 1/2
urban culxure
Definately a house track to watch out for in 2016. The production crew really gave the song the flair it deserves. This week we review a house track by Sinazo ft Dj Dash from the upcoming album ‘Township Makokoba’. To be honest I really haven’t found anything wrong with the track and because of that I give this song 4 and a half stars.
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I simply cannot give them all the 5 stars though their deserve them hahaha. Thumbs up Duduzile Sibanda who did the female vocals, that was wow! Though I have to say to the producers you have to reduce the reverb on vocals its rather too much and also the lyrics aren’t that audible it took me a while to get exactly what was being said.
‘Tha Vyrass’ the guy responsible for the beat that was nice my bro, keep it up! Well I’m very picky when it comes to music, I’ve listened to thousands of songs throughout my life and also being an active musician I really know what a great song sounds like and this one is a good song and this track will rock the airwaves, clubs, parties, this track cn make it ANYWHERE! One advice to everyone involved in the production particularly the Record Label, you have to give this song enough marketing and publicity.
Even if its a potential hit if you don’t push it it will never be known. Many artists have produced hits we have never heard of. I beg you give it the marketing it deserves.

Moment of truth: HIT or FLOP? This is an easy review for me, definately its a BIIIIIIIG ‘HIT’! For views and comments on this and my other articles follow me on twitter.com/fivestarphd or facebook.com/fivestarphd or Kudakwashe Chikwanda


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