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Meet Marshal Chiza A Man Driven With Ambition


It was during a recent visit to my favourite local library that I met up with the young, ambitious author, Marshal Chiza.


The Bulawayo Public library where he works was a perfect place to discuss his new offering ‘Success In No Time’ together with his future prospects of enlightening the fellow young person and giving him/her a hope for a better tomorrow through his inspirational writing. This is what the young fellow had to say…

Marshal Chiza
Marshal Chiza

When did you did you start and how long have you been an author?
Well, I guess I was meant to be an author since birth. Although I have been ignoring it until a an idea of writing a book came to me through my dreams and I knew it was meant for me to be a writer and become a well known published author.

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I understand you write under a genre called motivational writing. How do describe your style of writing?
“Motivational” as the name implies; a psychological feature that arouses a person to act toward a desired goal/that which gives purpose and direction to behaviour. So simply it is there to motivate and give you the courage that you are stronger than you think you are and give you power that you create your destiny by what you do today.


So I hear you are the son of a prophet. How has that influenced your writing?
It has not really influenced my writing significantly.

You have a new book that will be launched soon, can you tell us more about it?
Ohhh, I can hardly find words to explain my book but I believe that the book is not just an ordinary book but its an uncommon book with an immediate view of success meant to unleash the great YOU. Yes success is possible and it can come in no time as my book implies “Success In No Time” but the world is in need with the ingredients on how to get this success instantly. Success In No Time has revealed it all. Success is not received but achieved, no one will hand over success to you but you have to work extremely hard in order to be successful. I am therefore looking for testimonies in this book from people who would have achieved success
Which author do you look up to locally and internationally?
: Locally – Rabison Shumba
: Internationally – John Maxwell

John Maxwell
John Maxwell

What other projects are you working on now?
I am working on about twenty six different projects, reason: the alphabets consists of twenty six letters, if plan A fails there are twenty five alphabets remaining. So if some of my projects fails I still have many options to focus on. This is to encourage you that you do not have to focus on one area but rather plot your visions in different places. Stay cool.

Rabison Shumba
Rabison Shumba

Hahaha… Interesting. So Mr Twenty-Five-Projects,tell us, where do you see yourself five years from now?
Ooops, I see myself Up in the success ladder, probably having all my twenty six businesses running more that any business you might think of in town. Oh I know you are shocked but that is a fact, Watch me!!!

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