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Celebrities and Valentine’s Day

Lady Tshawe
Lady Tshawe

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Maybe you have a significant other. It’s that time of the year again. It is the day people display affection for their loved ones.Since 2016 is a leap year and women are running the show.

We decide to drop a few questions to 3 of Bulawayo’s creative ladies.We asked them the folllowing questions.

1. In Brief what do you think of Valentines day?

2 .What will you do for the one you love?

3 .Do you believe in the day?

4.What special thing have you received on the day and treasured?

5. What will be your pefect hang out spot on Valentines?


And here is what they had to say….

Lady Tshawe
Lady Tshawe

Lady Tshawe -Poet Actress and Writer

I think valentines is that one day that people put more effort in showing their love to respective partners.

oooh! honestly what haven’t i done for the one i Love? if i had enough cash would probably fly him to some island for the weekend so he could relax.

I’m not crazy about the day to be honest.

Hmmm! Ask me the question next year.

My ideal perfect hang out spot would be chilling with my man at home.Just the two of Us.Nothing Crazily Fancy.

Fungai Mombeshora-Poet

Fungai Mombeshora
Fungai Mombeshora

I think Valentines is a day that commemorates love and not an excuse to show love.Sadly most people consider it as the latter hence the buzz from men that it’s not on them this year. I honestly believe love is a two way thing whatever type of year it is love must be universaly exchanged.

I’d do a lot for the one I love I’m a hopeless romantic really.

No! but I beleive in Love.

Oh!I have received lots and lots of Love mostly from my family.I’m not a big on relationships.They probably just aren’t my thing even though I’m a big Lover.Sigh!

Perfect hangout spot will honestly be either at Indaba book Cafe or on my bed with a bottle of Chamdor lots of Chocoalte,mylaptop and obviously my notebook and pen.Thats my poetic element.

Happy Valentines day  and if no one gets you a gift dont worry.Buy yourself a bouquet of deep red roses take your splintered mirror and kiss your image.

Patience PhiriBead work and Crafts Artist

Patience phiri (PictureBy Eli Tawanda -Easy Pics)
Patience phiri (PictureBy Eli Tawanda -Easy Pics)

I think Valentine’s day is just a commercial hype we should not wait for the 14th to show our love. Lets buy those flowers chocolates and perfumes thoughout the year.Remember to tell your loved one You Love them Over and Over again.You can never say it enough.

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