Home Music HIT or FLOP : Fungisai ft. Killer T Song Vanondibatirana

HIT or FLOP : Fungisai ft. Killer T Song Vanondibatirana


Artist: Fungisai ft. Killer T

Song: Vanondibatirana

Producer: Oskid

Stars: 3 1/2

Definitely a song that will be a hit considering the artists involved in the song. Fungisai who commands a great following though as a gospel artist teaming up with Killer T arguably one of the top dogs of Zim Dancehall, that’s a strong collaboration.

A Show Not To Miss...
A Show Not To Miss…

Its still to be seen whether it was a good venture for Fungisai to ‘temporally abandon ‘gospel music’. She has attracted criticism from the household of faith as it is viewed by the christian world as back sliding. Me being a christian I must admit that I listen to any kind of music because I don’t view all songs that don’t speak about God as ‘things of the world’. We have tracks that talk of love and some are social commentary.

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As long as it doesn’t praise the devil then I have no problem. I must say Oskid was on point though I didn’t like the drum rolls, I feel the rolls where too much and unnecessary at some points. Also there was a guitar line that was sounding so fake, I didn’t like that one also I must say. Overall Oskid nailed it.

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Though I think it will take a while for a number of people to get used to this side of Fungisai which they didn’t know and expected.


HIT or FLOP? Definitely a HIT in my opinion, its a song that will sail easily into the Top 10 of the annual Top 100 songs of the year when 2016 comes to an end. I would give this song 3 and a half stars!

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