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Khuliyo Album Launch Review…


By- @ntandoyenkosi

Ntando Van Moyo Director Umahlekisa Comedy Club
Ntando Van Moyo Director Umahlekisa Comedy Club

I’m no expect in Music or Theatre productions  so by this review I join the ever growing list of people who give opinions and reviews of productions they know nothing or little about. So Khuliyo can Sing When I received Khuliyo’s tracks  I concluded,finally I had someone I know to Listen to on Hangover or on laid back Sundays. OH! Boy I was Wrong.


Even Many people I invited were also of the same notion. It was a great production as everyone will agree.The lighting,the Sound, Wondrobe,Choregraphy were on point which makes me feel Khuliyo did himself a disservice by not releasing a video to market his show.

Listening to the Album you don’t get the fireworks we got on stage

This is because what happened on stage and what we were given to listen too before the show were worlds apart. Listening to the Album you don’t get the fireworks we got on stage.Khuliyo can sing but Dance ZERO thanks to William Nyandoro for being his back up Dancer.


I don’t know why he didn’t perfom but chose to sing and narrate,this became evident when Sandra, jeys ,Mjokes,Babongile and Asaph took to the stage they got the crowd  going by engaging us. I felt Khuliyo owned the stage and Mic,gave us good music but left his collaboraters making us enjoy music. Sarah MpofuSibanda with the models lit up the stage which added a unique flair.

uc facebook

Calvin paraded his award proving again why it was a night of stars.To the Audience I give full Starts to Lady Tshawe and her crew for being on full groupie mode and getting the rest of us going.

Patience phiri (PictureBy Eli Tawanda -Easy Pics)
Patience phiri (PictureBy Eli Tawanda -Easy Pics)

Patience Phiri gave us a warm feel at the door welcoming us with drinks and that just set the mood for everyone feeling special, which is a note that some show producers can take especially those that put their non welcoming and rough crews at the door that harass paying audiences.You would be embarrassed if you tried to bring your unsophisticated township show tendencies at the door.

nxa sibuya lama Hottie kasibhadaliswe

As the Audience i think its high time we learnt show ETIQUETTE,nxa sibuya lama Hottie kasibhadaliswe I corkage or plainly do away with the system of bringing drinks from outside,Iam a guility party of that as well and last night it was an eye opener of a bad habit to be done away with.


We only hope the likes of Jeys Marabini will continue helping Khuliyo grow as.I’m sure he will definately make it big in international perfomaces even if his audio album might not be so popular with locals and please Raisedon Baya take note of Festival Marketing.


Khuliyo made BIFA known to strangers with that track now he should just flood it until we hate it maybe an INTWASA jingle.



Umahlekisa 3rd Annivesary
Umahlekisa 3rd Annivesary

The Above Review Is a Personal Opinion by Ntando Van Moyo The General

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