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Meet Award winning Disc Jockey “Emity Smooth”


Urbanculxure recently caught up with prominent Zimbabwe Radio D.J Emity Smooth. This is what he had to share with us.

Emity Smooth
Emity Smooth

UrbanCulxure : So what do you love most about what you do?

Emity Smooth: Well I’m a radio and club dj. Ultimately, radio is the highlight of my career. We broadcast nationwide and the following and appreciation by the listeners is overwhelming. whilst entertaining the nation and educating on positive social issues, the exposure to different races cultures, tribes is also an awesome experience, also working with some of the finest and best people in the broadcasting is a plus, rubbing shoulders with some of the best artists to come out of Zimbabwe and the region at large, I can’t even begin to describe how awesome this is. The fact that my career is entertainment has led me to my private events across the country, club gigs, corporate events etc.

Emity Smooth
Emity Smooth

UrbanCulxure :So when did you discover you had the passion and love for D.jing and broadcasting?

Emity Smooth :I was first a club dj in 1997; I started radio in 2004 thereabout.
UrbanCulxure: Do you remember your first set?

Emity Smooth:Yes I remember my first set. My first big set in the club scene I played alongside Peter Johns, on radio it was on 3fm 0000-0100HRS, I was very nervous.
UrbanCulxure:Tell us about your Name Emity Smooth how did that come about?

Emity Smooth : In grade one there was a white lady had come as an exchange teacher from Denmark to Zimbabwe, she couldn’t pronounce my name (Mthokozisi) so she decided to just say the first two letters in the spelling of my name ie MT, other class mates started calling MT as well and it eventually became Emity. When I started djing I added the “smooth” becauseEmity seemed incomplete.
UrbanCulxureThe award, how does it feel to be the best hip-hop D.j in Zimbabwe?

Emity Smooth:I am humbled, I feel honoured for the recognition, big shout out to my team Power FM, the guys here bring their A Game always. Also I have love for what the artists are doing, the levels are going higher always and the game is changing for the better every day, that award is for everyone in the game including the fans as well.It reads “Best Radio Dj”

UrbanCulxure:Where do see yourself in the next 5years?

Emity Smooth:Wow, I’m very ambitious.I feel I’m ready; everything I do career wise is coordinated. So it’s step by step growth in coordination. Ultimately it’s about expanding, growth, professionalism, like Jay Z said, I’m not a businessman……I AM A “BUSINESS’…MAN!

UrbanCulxure:Are you married?

Emity Smooth :I`m in a steady relationship , of course I try to live a personal life so the showbiz doesn’t affect who I am and for that reason I would like to say yes I’m going steady with a very gorgeous woman…but that’s as much as I will say.
UrbanCulxure: What’s your take about the state of hip-hop in Zimbabwe?

Emity Smooth :The artists are producing very good stuff, what’s needed now is the proper business acumen and proper administration and management of the works produced plus also enough quality videos from them. From marketing to branding and getting corporate endorsement.Artists need to apply themselves in order to step up the game, I have been following very closely and I have seen the quality improving since we started supporting the local content, right now the standard is getting close to international. It’s time to be business minded about it.
UrbanCulxure:What do you get down too when you are off work?

Emity Smooth:I’m hardly off, my life is from radio to club gigs to radio to hanging with my boo and the same thing all over again, of course here and there I do manage to chill out and do things that are not work related at all, a drive to the dams etc., a walk in a quiet hood, of course music is the soundtrack to my life man, so music is always playing in the background somewhere.
UrbanCulxure :What is your favourite hip-hop song of all time?

Emity Smooth: I don’t have one all-time favourite track but of course I love the likes of Nas, Dre, Snoop Dog, Fifty, Mob Deep just to mention a few are the artists that lay the foundation of my hip-hop culture.

UrbanCulxure:Any final remarks to anyone pursuing anything out there in the world?

Emity Smooth:In closing I want to say….people should pursue their dreams. Try to make a career out of something you love to do, remember never regret yesterday, life is in you today and you make your tomorrow.

follow Emity Smooth on Power FM Zimbabwe frequency 99.6, you can also follow him on follow on twitter @emitysmooth1,Facebook EMITY SMOOTH, Instagram emitysmooth.

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