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Real Zimbabwe hip-hop beef at last, Jr Brown Versus Cal_Vin

We Run It
We Run It

The last few days have been a blessing to the Zimbabwe hip-hop and urban music sphere. Two of the most prominent rappers in Zimbabwe are officially at war.

Used To Run It
Used To Run It

The beef all started when Junior Brown of the Few Kings Crew which comprises of Tehn Diamond and Take Five, showed up from nowhere and released a new single titled “We run it” .

We Run It
We Run It

The track had the people buzzing from Zambezi to Limpopo, this prompted the Multi award winning to hip hop rapper, producer from the city of Kings Bulawayo Cal_Vin to fire back at the Harare based rapper, with a track titled “Used to run it”.

calvin dat Luveve boy
calvin dat Luveve boy

The reply has since sparked what music fanatics have termed the battle of the North and South, Harare Versus Bulawayo. We here at urban culxure have download the two tracks, listened and yes we rating the tracks. Are you ready!

“We run it”
Lyrics 7/10
Production value 7/10
Language 5/10
Relevance 8/10
Beat 7/10
Bars &punchlines 6/10
Overall =40

“Used to run it”
Lyrics 8/10
Production value 6/10
Language 7/10
Relevance 8/10
Beat 5/10
Bars and punchlines 7/10
Overall= 41

Jnr Brown
Jnr Brown

Yes Cal_vin wins for the fact that his lyrics were directed at Jr Brown, he did not rumble around the bush and claim things like Jr Brown did on his track.We here at urban culxure know that folks do not know him in Luveve or Makokoba.In terms of production value Cal_Vin decided to release a track which did not sound 100% good to the ear.

“You think you had the biggest song n**** last year… call me Winky Dee coz I made it disappear”.

Cal_Vin won again with the language, relevance, bars and punchlines. We are not stating that Jr Brown had no great lines in his song but, Jr Browns lines were scattered and all over the show.The beat on “We run it “was great and on point same applies to the production value .

uc facebook

The two tracks aresquare in terms of relevance, the hip hop nation needed this feud, so we do praise the two rapper for the initiative. Other fascinating things we noted are that Cal_Vin over used the “N” word on his reply .Jr Browns track appeals to a certain segment of the hip hop nation, however on the other hand Cal_Vins` track has an international appeal, any one in the world can listen to it. Used to run it, has a few vernacular lines.


On the hook/Chorus Jr Browns` track moved us; same applies to the samples and effects he put on his song.
Urbanculxure applauds the two rappers for igniting the Zimbabwe urban music scene.We have enjoyed listening to the songs; we will conclude the article, with our favourite line from Cal_vin’s reply. “You think you had the biggest song n**** last year… call me Winky Dee coz I made it disappear”.

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